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What to Pack for Israel (that’s not on the pack list)!

Alright friend, the what-to-pack post is here to close us out for GSCC's Israel travel diary series!

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If a trip to Israel is officially on your agenda (or you'd like it to be- you can totally pin this post for later!), here’s what you may want to consider packing with you, that's probably not on the tradition pack list :)

Yes, this post may not be quite as deep as the others, but I do believe it has its place. Taking you mind off stressors like what to pack will help allow you to be more freely focused on the Lord and create more space to prepare your heart for what's to come.

So without further ado, here's what you may want to bring that might not be on a traditional pack list!

Israel Pack List!

(What to Bring that Might Not Be on Your Typical Pack List)

Plastic ziplocs

  • So helpful for storing + organizing different essentials

Eye mask

  • Pack it in your carry on (with ear plugs too!) to have for the flight


  • When you have marathon travel days, it’s nice to have these disposable mini toothbrushes to freshen up

Medicine cabinet- here are a few items you may want to consider:

  • Neosporin, Zicam tablets & nasal swabs, Zinc drops, Z pack, Immodium, Nyquil, UTI meds, Cranberry pills, Fiber gummies, Smooth Move tea, Melatonin gummies or Tylenol PM (took a melatonin gummy to help me sleep on the flight!), Propel packets, vitamins (e.g. multivitamin, probiotic, fish oil, Emergen-C (I took one every day and am so glad I did!)

Essential oils

  • I used Eden’s Garden Guardian on my feet every day (it's like Thieves or On Guard!). Between the daily Emergen-C and this, I stayed healthy the entire trip, even when my husband caught a nasty sinus infection that hung around for several days

Mini book bag/purse

  • Test putting your ‘essentials’ in it first to make sure it’s the right size for what you need

Mini fan

  • This saved me a couple days on a few sites that were packed full of people and super warm, even in November

Hand sanitizer & hand sanitizer wipes

  • Self explanatory : )


  • We brought beef jerky (high protein), protein bars, fruit & nut packs, and hard candy. Didn't go through all of it but it was definitely nice to have


  • A worship playlist (to fill you up, especially in the mornings & evenings)

An intention

  • Prayerfully consider what intention you’d like to return to throughout your trip. Let it center and encourage you! Maybe even select a scripture first and be led by it. And related.. be mindful of your biggest takeaways and spend time journaling throughout the trip. Then when you're home, reflect back on what stuck out. Let your time away impact your life and the lives around you!

Hope this is super helpful!

Let me know if you’d add anything else to the list, too :)

Can't wait to hear about your adventures,


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