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Hey girl!

I am so glad you're here.

I’m Alexandra Kaval, a daughter of the high king and certified professional life coach.


As a Christian life coach, I empower Christian women (just like you!) to live their purpose, while more fully loving God, themselves, & others.

“Sometimes we need someone else to believe in us before we believe in ourselves.”

- Liz Patton

I come alongside you in your walk with the Lord and help you to hear Him, follow Him, be more like him, and know Him intimately.

I can't wait to hear your story soon, sister. In the meantime, here's a bit of mine. I pray that it provides you with hope.


Joy. Progress. Peace. Through coaching, this is what I am blessed to experience each day, and want for you, too!

​After decades of being primarily focused on what others want (and basing my worth and value on that), I felt empty no matter how much I filled my calendar or to do list. I was battling the need for perfectionism. Being a perfectionist had ‘worked’ many times in the past (particularly in grade school), and I pressed into using that technique, more and more. Because that’s what I thought counted most- being 'perfect'. At everything. That’s what my identity was rooted in. It's what I truly felt mattered.

I realized that this was no way to live (praise Jesus), and recognized that I could choose something different. Friends- what actually matters most in life are things like purpose. Love. Grace. When you look back on YOUR life at 80, what do you want to see when you pause and reflect?


Let’s work together to get you on the path that was created uniquely for you. I’ve tried so hard to walk other paths, and to find my value in others’ opinions. Spoiler alert- this doesn’t work, and isn’t healthy. Through coaching, I’ve experienced first-hand how reflecting inward, listening to my own voice (which is sometimes scary and uncomfortable!), praying to God for direction, and then moving forward is what produces fruit.


This changed perspective is what will keep you going when life's challenges come up, because they will.


The path towards a renewed life is hard. It’s challenging. And oh so worth it. It’s something that takes continual practice, and that’s okay. For me, a new life has (so far!) looked like career changes, out of state moves, and a deepened relationship with the Lord, with many leaps of faith along the way. I am taking bold steps in my own journey so that I can better serve Him and others (like you :).

Outside of my work, I am a wife, sister, daughter, friend, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus. I am incredibly grateful for the love, life, and hope He provides, and find such joy in sharing His goodness with others.


Let’s walk through the scary spaces together, and build the life HE has planned for you all along.

'Cause baby, you weren't made to carry such a load

Lay it down and we can watch it go

Down the river of grace, the river of grace

And all it takes, is a little bit of faith

And Jesus comes, and carries it away

Down the river of grace, the river of grace

Here's the beautiful thing, that river runs inside you

And you can go anytime

And it's there your Savior waits for you

Yeah, He's waiting there for you

- River of Grace by Christy Nockels

P.S. Want more?! Check out my interview on the Behind the Bliss podcast! Head on over to your podcast app, search for Behind the Bliss, and download episode 20 (it's titled Living Insecure to Living on Purpose) or listen here. Enjoy!

Professional Background

Interested in what qualifies me as a Christian life coach (in addition to God's calling, of course)?

I'm a graduate of the Christian Coach Institute (CCI), accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Through CCI, I've earned the title of certified professional life coach.

I have also earned my MS in HR Development and BA in Psychology from Villanova University, and have worked with various companies in different industries over almost ten years.


Now I have the honor of using my experience and education to partner with Christian women (just like you!) to live life on purpose.

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