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My Journey to Becoming a Christian Coach

Want to know the question I get asked most often in my Instagram DMs?

Y’all want to know about my journey towards becoming a Christian coach!

And you know what- that’s not all that surprising. We all love a good story, and when we can see ourselves in that story … even better!

Here are the top questions so many of you are curious about and my answers to each, in Q&A format (everyone loves a good Q&A, right?!).

And there’s anything you’re curious about that I haven’t covered… just send me an email and ask! I’d love to add to this post over time, and there’s a good chance that if you’re curious, someone else is, too.

What’s your journey to becoming a Christian coach?

I share the scoop in the Behind the Bliss podcast Episode 20 - From Insecure to On Purpose. (It’s quite the story!!)

If you’re in a place where your purpose seems a bit fuzzy and you would love some guidance, here are two resources to consider:

What are your suggestions for someone just starting out?

First and foremost, be led by God. Be open to and curious about where He is leading and spend plenty of time in prayer to both share your heart with Him & listen to Him. Don’t do it alone!

And in addition to that, patience & consistency are key. A business is not built overnight, and that’s okay.

For me personally, I make the decision to obtain my coaching education and build the business on nights & weekends for about a year and a half before making the leap to full time.

Being a business owner is definitely a process that requires you to be open to continual growth and adjustment (both personally & professionally!). Going into your work with this expectation might be super helpful.

And related, it can be beneficial to connect with someone who’s about 1-2 years ahead of you in their business. Being a business owner is one of the very best jobs, but it can sometimes get lonely or emotionally challenging (check out Jenna Kutcher’s graphic on the Life of an Entrepreneur. Funny because it’s true!).

And, last but certainly not least, you are going to want to check out our eBook - Side Hustle Success: How to Finally Take the Leap & Live Your Dream.

In this eBook, I spill the details on what I did right as well as the mistakes I made (and what to do so that you can avoid them!). It includes what you’ll need to know to say yes to your next chapter in the best way possible!

Where did you go to school?

I received my Masters in HR Development (along with my Bachelors in Honors Psychology & Pre-Med) from Villanova University. I spent just under a decade in corporate HR Leadership Development prior to running GSCC full time. And guess what? God used this experience for good! It’s super sweet to be able to apply my previous experience & education to the coaching space.

And in regards to coaching specifically, I’ve attended programs with both the Christian Coach Institute and the World Coach Institute. I’m also certified through the International Coaching Federation.

What would you recommend as a next step if I’m considering getting coached?

Reserving your clarity call is your next best move! We’ll talk for about 45 minutes on your biggest challenges, goals, and what it’d be like to work together. You’ll leave feeling more focused and intentional than before, and encouraged for what’s ahead.

What would you recommend as a next step if I’m considering becoming a coach?

Definitely check out our Explore & Empower Program! It’s for the purpose driven woman who’s considering becoming a coach and wants to experience a taste of what coaching is like & ask #allthequestions about owning a coaching business. After going through this program, you’ll be confident as to whether coaching is a fit for you, you will be able to market your business better after having experienced coaching, and you will grow so much in our three sessions together!


Alright friend, those are the top highlights in my journey towards becoming a Christian coach! I hope this was insightful, answered your questions, and gave you some great food for thought as well as next steps and resources, too.

Cheering you on in your own personal journey and here to help as you need it!

Joyfully in Christ,


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Always enjoy your way with words and the tie they have to Scripture. Continued success using your gifts as you inspire others to use their gifts and walk in confidence with God.

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