What You NEED to Know if You're Considering Becoming a Coach!

GSCC's Explore + Empower Package

Want to get the scoop on what I wish I'd done before investing in a coaching program?


(....it may be a surprise!!...)


I wish I'd invested in a coach. 

It sounds so simple and it makes so much sense, doesn't it?


Before committing to a coaching program (and a Christian one specifically), I can now see that it would have been invaluable to experience a deeper understanding of what it was actually like to be on the receiving end of coaching. 

I definitely missed out on that and don't want the same thing to happen to you. 


And because of that, I've created a mini coaching package for prospective coaches, just like you, to invest in prior to making one of the biggest decisions of your life -- the decision of whether to become a life coach.


This coaching package (created just for YOU!) is called Explore + Empower.

Want to know why the Explore + Empower package is your best investment before saying yes to coach training?

  • You'll actually experience what coaching is so that you know whether it's something that you want to spend your time (& hard earned money!) doing! (Believe it or not, most people's definition of coaching is wildly different from what it actually entails!)

  • You'll be able to articulate what coaching is like to future clients (you've got to go through it yourself to truly understand!). 

  • This experience will give you a head start on your marketing materials, if you decide to pursue coaching! (Since you'll have gone through the experience yourself, you'll be able to describe the process SO much better than you would have otherwise.)

  • You'll make AMAZING progress on what's most important to you (here are my love notes from past clients on how their experience working with GSCC was transformational)

  • You have the opportunity to ask me any + all questions, as someone who's obtained their coaching certificate, been coaching for three years, and left my corporate job to pursue coaching full time!


Want to know what's included in your Explore + Empower package?

  • Three 60-minute sessions on any 3 topics of your choice

  • Worksheets to complete before + after your coaching



For a limited time, when you purchase the Explore + Empower package, you'll also receive an additional 30 minutes with me where you can ask me anything about coaching!

No question is off limits.

For $675, all of this is yours : )

Yes- it's GOOD, y'all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from coaching?

Oh my goodness, there are SO many wonderful benefits that you’ll experience through our time together! You will:

  • Ditch your fears, redefine your God given purpose, & walk boldly in it.
  • Be more intentional with your time (which will feel AMAZING and will change the course of your life and those around you).
  • Experience a deep self awareness (including a refreshed understanding of your values & how they influence your life).
  • Create a clear & motivating vision for your future and will make progress on goals that matter in light of eternity.
  • Be encouraged and uplifted, and grow closer to God.
  • Your ideas will transform into actions and those actions will create your legacy that'll live forever.
  • Create a life you love built around your unique gifitings.
  • Live with genuine authentic joy.
  • Experience personal growth with a spiritual lens.
  • Finally believe what God says about you.
  • Experience a deeper relationship with God and encourage others to do the same.
Your first three coaching sessions are 60 minutes long. You pick the agenda and we’ll walk through the Christian Coaching Model in each session-- meaning.. we’ll talk about where you are now, where you’d like to be in the future, and then create a strategy to get you there! We start and end each session with prayer and connect back to God and your faith based values throughout the session. You’ll complete worksheets before and after each session to reinforce your takeaways and ensure you receive the best value possible out of your coaching experience. And, if you need additional accountability and encouragement between sessions… I’ve got you! We can connect further through the email as needed.

Tell me more about Alexandra!

So glad you are here, sister! I'm Alexandra Kaval, a professional certified master life coach for purpose driven Christian women and the founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching. I truly believe it's so, so special that God crossed our paths. I personally know how easy it can feel to be overwhelmed, scattered, and stuck. I coach women (like you!) to successfully navigate tough transitions, live out your priorities, and align your life with your God-centered goals. Through our work together, you'll be able to break through doubt and discouragement so that you can live a more joy-filled & intentional life. If you want to hear a bit about my testimony, I’d invite you to listen to it on the Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission Podcast Episode 1 and the Behind the Bliss Podcast Episode 20.

What is Christian coaching?

Christian coaching gets you from where you are to where God wants you to be! It's like rocket fuel for your life. I’ll ask you powerful, clarifying questions that stimulate reflection and growth so that you can move forward. You’ll uncover new perspectives and possibilities. We look at your strengths, weaknesses, & purpose, and how that impacts your current situation. Coaching helps you to adapt to whatever changes are stirring in your life now. Coaching enables you to be self aware so that you can grow & evolve in powerful ways. Here are the logistics of what coaching actually looks like:

  • You'll select one primary topic each session. We'll get curious about where you're at now in relation to that topic, explore what could be, and then create a strategy (custom to you!) for how to get you from here to there.
  • You'll leave with an action step at the end of each session.
  • I’ll provide you with space and accountability to keep you on track so that you can experience energy, joy, fulfillment, and progress like never before. We'll pray at the beginning and end of each session and connect to the Holy Spirit throughout as it makes sense.
I’d love to invite you to reserve your Clarity Call to determine whether our Explore + Empower Program is the right fit for you!

What topics should I be coached on?

There are countless topics we (with Jesus!) can explore together. Ideas include: Prioritization (how to live out what's most important and let go of the rest, goal setting (in all areas!), making decisions with God, transitioning with grace, creating community, and living an intentional, purpose driven life that you (& He) LOVE! Plus, here are a few others: ESTABLISH A FIRM FOUNDATION

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)
  • Love God (the Great Command)
  • Experience strength & security by getting grounded in your identity in Him
  • "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Love others + make disciples (the Great Commission)
  • Intentionally live a life that honors the purpose He’s given you
  • Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)
  • Persevere on your callings, even when it's hard
  • Live with joy, intention, and God-confidence

How long is the Explore & Empower Program?

It's recommended to be completed in between 4-8 weeks (one session/week or every other week).

What exactly happens during my three coaching sessions?

Sessions 1-3 are focused on coaching you. We focus on one key topic per session. It can be anything business related (e.g. ideal client, creating your 2021 strategy, etc.), personal focused (how to get through a certain mindset roadblock, using your time effectively), whatever. Here is more information on what coaching looks like and topics clients are most often times coached on, in case that's helpful to get you started. It could also be beneficial to check out GSCC's love notes from past clients on how working together was transformational, to give you both ideas of areas to focus on and to get excited about what may be to come!

How does my bonus session work & how is it different from the first 3 sessions?

Your bonus session is the more consulting/Q&A style (vs. coaching). Your first three coaching sessions are less about giving advice/perspective & more on focused on supporting you in digging out your best answers/solutions with God. Coaching is action oriented & future focused, but not directive like consulting is. The 3 sessions give you experience on what it's like to be personally coached and grow through the process. We'll start and end with prayer, dig deep into the topic you bring and work through the Christian coaching model (awareness, vision, strategy, obstacles) to help you address it. These 3 sessions will allow you to speak authentically to the power of coaching and articulate its value as you market and launch your coaching business.


"As someone who is exploring becoming a life coach myself, I was so excited to start coaching with Alexandra. However, my growth during our sessions was better than I could have even imagined myself - rather than just focusing on what I need to DO, Alexandra helped me work through deeper lessons so I could focus on the type of person I want to BE. Alexandra's coaching has helped me re-frame my life to be led by God and my values, rather than just my to-do list. Alexandra's spirit-led coaching left me feeling refreshed and gave me clarity in ways I had never experienced before. Alexandra also offers practical methods to achieve your goals, but in a way that is for God's glory. Alexandra's calm manner helps focus my high energy and balance me out. I cannot recommend Alexandra's life coaching services enough!" - Michelle M.

So are you in!?

It may be one of your best investments for a decision that has the potential to change your life, and as a friend of mine once said, "create ripple effects throughout eternity."

Now is the time, sister!

I have a feeling your are going to love the Explore + Empower package.

You will have so much clarity around whether coaching is right for you,

and will experience massive personal growth along the way, too.

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(Also- you may also want to check out the post on my journey to becoming a Christian coach to answer any questions.)

So excited to talk with you soon!

With joy,