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I'm honored to share with you the successes that my clients are celebrating. Christian coaching is powerful, y'all.

As client Christina M. says ...


"You don’t have to be unhappy, burnt out, anxious or unfulfilled to need life coaching. Life coaching is for anyone looking to kick their life into high gear — to achieve those dreams and reach their full potential."

Click below to hear about Lauren A.'s Christian coaching experience (Founder, The TinyTracker)!

"Coaching with Alexandra has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. Through Alexandra's thought-provoking-spirit-led questions, I was able to dig deeper in my relationship with Christ and recognize and love the woman God created me to be. It is a gift that helped reshape my mind and therefore my relationships with God and with others. Before coaching I was feeling lost and struggled with my identity of who God created me to be. I was believing lies from the enemy and felt like I had nothing to offer. Through coaching I was able to identify those lies and learn about God's truths and promises over my life and the relationships He's given me. I am now able to proclaim that I know WHO I am and WHOSE I am through Christ." - Ruth S.

"GSCC has been the absolute best thing I've decided to do this past year. Alexandra has supported my goals and dreams as if they were her own, and guided me through my ups and downs with God-centered and practical advice. With her help, I have had major mindset shifts and also initiated practical changes into my life. I am so thankful to have found coaching with her, I don't know where I would be right now without it! Wherever you are in your life, I promise that you won't regret having her guidance and coaching." - Amy L.

 Here's a blog post from Amy (of Amy Believes in Pink!) all about what it's like to work with a Christian coach! 

"Alexandra has helped me sort out a lot of mental clutter,

asked me a ton or powerful questions I’ve never thought about before,

changed my perspective in several areas of my life and together we’ve set healthy boundaries and significant goals

(with action items and accountability to achieve them).

Coaching has truly changed my life."

- Christina M. of  Carolina Charm

Christina  (101 of 104).jpg

"I was definitely unsure of life-coaching before I started, but Alexandra is amazing! I was so overwhelmed with life as a working mom and taking care of my kids. Alexandra has helped me take one thing at a time and shown me how to say no to certain things in my life that are so draining and to make room for things that are life-giving. My life has transformed since we first started meeting, and I'm so so grateful for Alexandra and this gift that God has given her to help so many women." - Sarah C.

"Working with Alexandra was life changing! She has a gift. Not only does she help you get to the core of any stumbling blocks you may be facing preventing you from stepping into your calling, but she is guided by the Holy Spirit. I know 100% the Lord spoke to her, and she was obedient and spoke to me. She is 100% authentic. She is not just there to get through the session, but she truly cares to see my GROWTH. We set weekly goals and her encouragement through out the process enabled me to achieve those goals. I left every session feeling inspired and feeling like I grew personally and spiritually. Thank you Alexandra for stepping into your gifts and blessing me with them! You are an angel!" - Alisha H.

"Before starting my sessions with Alexandra I lacked clarity, confidence and was overcome with fear. As I starting meeting with Alexandra, I have been able to shift my mindset. I can see what my strengths are more clearly and fear isn't holding me back from moving forward with what I feel God has placed on my heart to do. I have enjoyed each session with Alexandra and feel so motivated/excited about what is next each time we end our call. She is consistently encouraging and takes the time to listen fully. In working with her everything we discuss points back to the Lord. My experience with Alexandra has been a blessing." - Carrie C.


 "In just a matter of weeks, I was able to launch a new website, product line and podcast with Alexandra's help! She helped me create a strategy and a plan so I'm going into the future with vision for what I want to achieve.

- Alison L. of My Pleasure: The Unofficial Chick-fil-A podcast

"Life coaching is the greatest gift you need to give yourself today! I truly believe that God created life coaching as an encouragement and a tool to help us glorify Him, and grow into our callings. I never considered myself to be someone in need of coaching, but I am SO thankful that I took the plunge. I have experienced more freedom in my identity and courage through Jesus. Through my time in coaching, I went from greatly disorganized and burnt out, to having a healthy rhythm and achieving some of my greatest goals! I learned that the impossible could become totally possible through God's strength. My relationship with Jesus, my marriage and my community have all grown stronger because of my life coaching. God used Aly to encourage me like never before. Aly is phenomenal! She is the kindest, most intentional person I have met. She cares deeply for your situation, and works alongside you in every way. I loved getting little messages from her just to say she was praying for me. She is radiant, so full of light and hope that you can't help but be transformed by the truth that she shares. I could tell that she truly believed in me and believed in what God was doing in my life! She has a gift & I am just so beyond grateful for our time together. I have been transformed for the better & I have tools and tips that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. All I have to say is, try life coaching with Aly! God will fill your bucket to the brim through the experience <3" - Anna E.

"Before coaching, I felt like the pace of my life and my schedule was continuing to win over the areas of my life I either knew could be better or desired to make more successful from the ground up. Coaching interrupted my fast pace life and schedule and created a life-giving space for me to express thoughts and have conversations, at my own rhythm, where I then left feeling like I could do the things I didn't have time for. Alexandra is an amazing listener, leader, equipper, and friend. I would recommend coaching to anyone!" - Shae T.

"God has a great way of putting the right people in our lives at the right time, and Alexandra was the right person at the right time for me. I had never hired a coach before Alexandra, but after I heard her on a podcast when she was sharing that sometimes we put things on our plates that God didn’t intend on us having there, I knew she was someone I needed to learn from because at the time I was suffering from burn out. With Alexandra’s help, I realized the importance of being connected to God and doing less with more." - Anita G.

"GSCC has made such a huge impact on my life in the last few months. I am incredibly grateful for Aly and our new friendship.

She helped me come out of the worst stage in my life after losing my daughter and dealing with postpartum depression

by helping me focus on the Lord and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks to Alexandra, now I can pour into other women and give them the encouragement she gave me.

Coaching was the best decision and Alexandra was incredible to work with!"

- Summer P. of Summer Blaise Interiors & Events


“Christian coaching with Alexandra reframed how I think about myself and my goals. The coaching questions often reminded me ‘what was on the line' if I didn’t take the necessary steps. Through coaching, I realized that I let the world and fear dictate many of my choices instead of seeking the Lord’s will for my habits and use of time, energy, and resources. There is no doubt that I will return to coaching with Alexandra specifically the next time I want to take a big step, feel stagnant, or just want to reframe how to think about particular areas of my life. I am so grateful for the tool of coaching and how it impacted my life in such a short amount of time.” - Brooke H.

"While I hesitated for some time on pulling the trigger, I am now so grateful I reached out to Alexandra at Grace Space Christian Coaching! She helped me recognize some things I didn't realize were issues; specifically some limiting beliefs and not daring to dream nearly enough. I am excited by the growth that has taken place, and by the future growth that I know is coming." - Amy T.

"Working with Alexandra these past few months has been nothing short of life saving. Recent circumstances, including joining the military, moving across the country away from family and friends, and enduring an unexpected heartbreak, had placed me in one of the darkest and most difficult seasons of my entire life. I had come to a cross roads in my faith and for lack of a better explanation, a mini mid-life crisis. What was I doing with my life?! How did I end up here?! How was I going to get through this transition?! I cannot describe having Alexandra as a life coach as anything short of having another human being literally get down into the trenches of my life and helping me there. Some sessions were emotional and taxing and Alexandra had the grace and compassion to simply sit with me in my emotion—to literally sit down in the mud of the trenches of my messy, broke down life and just stay with me. Other sessions were motivating and dream-filled and Alexandra had the wisdom and strength to push me up the rungs of the ladder that led out of the trenches and onto more solid ground. Whatever each session held, Christ was present. I appreciated her clear love and passion for God and her deep desire to see me experience His love in a saving way in my own life. If you are walking through one of the hardest times in your life and need someone to walk WITH you in those dark places, Alexandra is a humble friend who will inspire you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are flying high in one of the best seasons of your life and need someone to help direct all that energy and passion into an achievable goal, Alexandra is a focused expert who will challenge you to organize your next right steps. I highly recommend working with Alexandra. It is the investment in yourself that you so deeply deserve!" - Kourtney H.

"My coaching experience with Aly was more than I could have imagined it would be. Through prayer, encouragement, and thoughtful questions, Aly helped me get to the root of some of the things in my life that were holding me back from living my most grateful and intentional life. She helped me get to the heart of things and led me through a few "A-ha" moments that have really redefined my life and my faith walk. I can't recommend Aly enough to anyone who is considering coaching." - Erin B.

"Alexandra is AMAZING!!!  I've seen Christian counselors in the past but was blown away with God's power working through Alexandra. She really pushes you to be free from the obstacles and opposition that can hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. I really love how her coaching is about moving forward rather than hashing out the past. I would highly recommend her!" 

- Tamara Bunte America's #1 Sales Coach

christian coaching client

"Coaching with Alexandra has motivated me to live a life that aligns with my personal values. At this point, I am proud to say that I am the family member, friend, employee, and entrepreneur that I wanted to be. I am finally living the way that I always knew that I could- completely and fully! I have found productivity in a way that I never thought possible before and the blessings of living this God focused life over the past few months has been abundant and numerous, including everything, from losing three clothing sizes and training for road races, to being selected to participate in a workplace leadership development program, to ending toxic relationships. In feedback from family and friends since I started coaching with Alexandra, they say I am more engaged, more present, display more confidence, and have increased strengths in leadership and communication. I have had a number of opportunities arise in my existing career over the past few months: a book accepted for publication, broadening my social circle and social influence, and now my side hustles are a reality. Even during the COVID pandemic, I have been able to move forward both professionally and personally due in part to Alexandra’s coaching, consistent check-ins, and God-centered encouragement!" - Megan S.

"I was in a place in my life where I knew I needed some help. There were things that I just wasn’t happy with and I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t know what I exactly needed, whether it be a counselor or a coach. After I found out about Grace Space Coaching and had my complimentary clarity call with Aly, I knew coaching was the route I needed to go. I needed help with adjusting a few areas in my life and coaching did exactly that. When I talked with Aly she asked me so many great questions, questions that helped me realize that I had the answers all along. Aly is really wonderful and easy to work with, she is gifted in listening and asking questions. She will give you some advice, but she already knows that you have the answers that you need and she will help you find them. She is that perfect positive push you may need to get you back on living your best life." - Katie D.

"My coaching experience with Aly changed my life in many meaningful ways. She helped me identify what was important to me, and how those goals align with my Christian faith. Our coaching sessions were seriously the highlight of my week! I always walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to tackle what was right in front of me. I was hesitant to consider coaching at first, but now that I've been through it, I am so glad I decided to give it a try. Aly helped me change parts of my life that have seemed hopeless for quite some time. Her thorough and thought-provoking questions helped show me the value in making yourself a priority in order to be the best version of you. If you are considering coaching, I encourage you to take the leap and invest in yourself. Your future self will thank you for it! And thank you Aly for always pointing me towards Christ and for sharing your gift of coaching with me. :)" - Emily J.

christian life coach client

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my walk with Alexandra for the past few months. Being coached has had a significant impact on my life especially with the busy season I'm in and being able to get some focus. Alexandra assisted me greatly to think in different ways and come up with creative solutions to plan and prioritize various areas in my life. I loved our coaching sessions together and always looked forward to it. I love her passion for God and her zeal for the work that she does. It was truly a blessing to have her walk this journey with me."

- Rhista S.

"I was in a place of complacency in my life-with my spiritual walk, family/friends, career, my future in general. Coaching helped me to identify the possibilities, the opportunities and helped me move forward to a place of excitement and optimism regarding my future. I had several insightful moments throughout our sessions together; my coach helped me bring things that I had reservations or concerns about to the forefront. She encouraged me to utilize the resources and tools to help me move forward, and she helped me to see that a lot of these “things” I was so reluctant to shore up, I was well on my way...just needed a little encouragement. This was a phenomenal experience for me and I would highly recommend it to others." - Cathy A.

"Coaching with Aly was tremendous. I had been wanting to work with a Christian Life coach for several years and it never seemed like a good time. I realize now, His divine time for coaching for me, was with Aly. Any sooner and with anyone else, just wouldn't have been purposed by His hand. So grateful!" - Kandi D.

"Before I started my coaching journey with GSCC, my life felt completely out of control and I was drowning in chaos. Alexandra helped me restructure my priorities and held me accountable to the changes we decided would be best. I started putting God before my to do lists and my life started changing. I made time with my Creator a priority and all other things honestly kind of fell in line. This is a daily decision I choose to make and I don't always do it well. Only God could give me the peace I longed for. She then propelled me into my dream! Helped me make a plan for right now even though I don't know the timing of it all yet. I started taking small steps towards my future and am still moving forward! I know in my heart that there will be seasons of my life that I'll circle back to GSCC to get me back on track! The track to true and full life!! I will be forever grateful for your gift, Alexandra!" - Steph R.


"When I first met with Alexandra, I did not believe she could help me.  My life was actually moving along at a 7-8 level on a 1-10 scale. However, I was feeling overwhelmed with time management,

doubts as to whether this was God's plan for my book, and questions

as to whether He would equip me to create the necessary strategies and goals to complete my marketing plan. With Alexandra's help, we were able to create simple time-management strategies, achievable daily/weekly goals and prayed together for God to empower me. I knew I believed in my message and the power within the message; however, I was allowing fear and doubts to control the necessary steps to move forward. Alexandra was able to help me jump over my own self-imposed stumbling blocks.

Mark 9:24 "I believe, help me with my unbelief."

- Norma Joyce D., Christian author & speaker

"Alexandra was a supportive transition coach that I knew I needed but didn't know how much WAS needed. I do well with accountability and that she gave me. Alexandra has been a gift during this most difficult time in my life. So good!" - Kathy F.

"I have done coaching in the past on one occasion and found it helpful for me to stay accountable to following through on goals. I decided to do another round of coaching, this time Christian in nature to help me during an unprecedented difficult season in my life. From the very first session, I experienced an immense sense of hope and direction emerging from the type of questions Alexandra would ask. I immediately called my family to tell them how excited I was to be participating and was hopeful I would find support. There were sessions that had me unexpectedly sobbing because of what the Lord was revealing to me through the process. I felt Alexandra's questions and process always took me to the exact place I needed to go for clarity and peace. I feel she went above and beyond to offer insights and personalized words of encouragement. If you have been hesitant about what coaching can offer you, I'd suggest just jumping in and trying. As a therapist myself, I can at times think there's not a lot that coaching can offer me, but I was wrong and gladly so! The insights I received during this process will carry me through this season and into the next. The work was powerful and I didn't want it to end. I know what to do during the next hard season and that will be Grace Space Christian Coaching." - Kelsey H.

"I am so thankful for Alexandra and our coaching sessions. I was entering into a new season of life and was fearful and uncertain of the changes ahead. Through the Holy Spirit and Alexandra's coaching I found what I believe to be God's purpose and plan for this time in my life. Our time together was a true gift. I am experiencing growth and confidence in ways that only Christian coaching could have helped me discover." - Shelley E.

"Before meeting Alexandra, I was setting goals for myself that I was never able to follow through on. GSCC allowed me to achieve so much in a short period of time. I created healthier habits, strengthened my relationship with God, and came up with creative solutions all while receiving support and accountability from Alexandra. I’d absolutely recommend starting coaching, as it has had a lasting impact on me!" - Emily F. 

"Alexandra is so great! I loved coaching with her - she spends a good bit of time helping to break down mental barriers and also asking "why?" to really get to the root of your roadblocks. After finding roadblocks, she helps you develop a plan that feels good to YOU. She does this all while framing it in the mindset of being a Christ-follower. It was so great and I learned so many life-changing things about myself!" - Demi M.

"Alexandra is an amazing coach! She met me where I was in my journey as a Christian, encouraged me, made me feel comfortable being raw and real and helped me work through some tough stuff. Of course I still have work to do, but she gave me all the tools I need for success in my life walking alongside Jesus, my marriage, friendship, family and work. I am so blessed I was able to work with Alexandra as she helped change things in my life for good!" - Ann Lyndon D.

"Alexandra is an amazing person & a talented coach. She has a unique gift that helps you get clarity on the murky areas of your life AND the areas you thought were clear, will get even clearer. Both are possible, trust me. The part of coaching I loved most and why I'm excited to continue is the faith based component. Alexandra helped me find new ways to incorporate faith into my everyday life which helped me grow in my relationship with God. Her & I covered a variety of topics so I have no doubt Alexandra will be able to help guide you to where you want to be." - Michelle P.

"When I came to GSCC, I was not sure what to expect but I knew that I was heading toward a season of transition and change and that stirred in me a lot of fear. I desired to combat that with support and coaching, so I sought help and GSCC. What I have gotten out of my coaching experiences has been by far more than I was expecting. Each session brought in so much insight and I would walk away with moments in the session that struck me with awe and wonder. When I first started working with Alexandra, I would say that I was functioning from a place of survival, but through each session, whether we were talking about spiritual practices, values, and goals, or future transitions, Alexandra spoke wisdom and prompted me with questions that would unearth another piece inside of me that was waiting to be resurrected. At the end of my session, I have gained so much; my mindset has changed, I have more tools to work with when moving through life, and I simply have a better understanding of myself thanks to the coaching that I have gone through with Alexandra." - Kristen H.

I pray that you’ll give yourself the gift of coaching, too.

You will unlock a whole new way of life that He has been waiting for you to discover.

GSCC Workshops

Reading these love notes is uplifting, isn't it!?

Are you part of a women's life group or bible study? GSCC can join you!

Invite Alexandra to lead your group in a workshop on a topic of your choice. Experience the power of Christian coaching with with your small group!

If you're in Charlotte, Alexandra can join you in person. If not, no worries! Alexandra can lead the workshop over video conference, too.

Here are more kind words from participants' biggest takeaways from one of GSCC's workshops-

'The Masterpiece Project':

"There is always the light of God in us if we will only be "still" and receive Him. This was wonderful and timed perfectly with what I am going through." - Suzin L.

"I am reminded of the power of God's love and His amazing grace." - Jane H.

"I'm trusting God and myself to move forward with work that God has set out for me to do." - Madeline T.

"She taught me there is another way to face every day in a positive and faith filled life." - Peggy L.

"God will continue to bless us in spite of our shortcomings." - Emily F.

"I loved this time and found it incredibly helpful and confirmation to the things the Lord has been stirring up in my heart." - Emily A. 

"The workshop encouraged me to live according to my identity in Christ. It was also very practical!" - Anna E.

"I learned that the lack of discipline in this busy season of life is a big part of what's holding me back from fully embracing who I am in Christ." - Taryn L.

"The workshop helped me to see the importance of how aligning personal reflection with God's word and promises." - Lindsey K.


Just reach out to set up your workshop today!

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