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The Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission podcast is for purpose driven women who crave more.


Grace Space Christian Coaching's podcast highlights Christ-centered conversations to cultivate a life that you and He love.


Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission is hosted by Alexandra Kaval- professional certified master life coach and founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching.

You can listen in through iTunes, SpotifyAnchor, & more.

Our Most Loved Episodes


The Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Find Your Purpose & How I Found Mine

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Goal Setting Series:

Fruitful FAITH


Goal Setting Series:

What’s Holding You Back?

How to Overcome Obstacles


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"As a Christian, in a world that is saturated by Personal Development based off of a “prosperity” gospel approach, it was so refreshing to hear someone totally being led by the Spirit to guide her message. So often I don’t read or listen to messages on goal setting or personal growth because of the fallacies that can be shared within that context. I love that this grace - space is a Biblical approach to goal setting and leading a life led by the Lord and not our own desires. I will be back for more!"

- HelpingDaddyRay

Support the Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission Podcast

The Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission podcast is created with you in mind.


It all started when Alexandra, certified master coach and founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching, was seeking a way to better serve women looking to live a more intentional, Christ-centered life. 


Her clients were growing immensely through Christian coaching, and she felt a burden to share this special tool with others who hadn’t experienced it, in an innovative way


Alexandra noticed that most podcasts talk ‘at’ their audience but don’t necessarily engage them in the conversation. Through her experience coaching, she knows that using questions is one of the very best ways to capture hearts and get results. As a result, the Fruitful Faith podcast is focused on just that- creating transformational change using powerful Christian coaching questions that support listeners in shifting from where they are to where God wants them to be


The heartbeat behind Grace Space Christian Coaching, after all, is to support women in living their most intentional, Christ-centered lives. The Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission podcast’s purpose is to share Christ-centered conversations that cultivate a life that you and the Lord love. 


We are so encouraged to see our audience size and the number of listeners continue to rise.

So many of the women who love Fruitful Faith are BUSY, and podcasts are an excellent way to pair growth with daily tasks you may already be doing (laundry, exercise, or running errands maybe?)!


As we continue to grow, so do the expenses associated with the operation and expansion of the podcast.

The creation and marketing of these podcast episodes requires a significant investment to make happen.


With all that said, if each listener gave just $10 (the cost of lunch!),

it would fund the creation of the podcast for an entire year. Every amount matters!

By partnering with the Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission podcast, you’re helping to make possible Christ-centered conversations that cultivate faith filled lives

We would absolutely love for you to be a part of that through your donation.

We are so grateful to be funded by our online friends and listeners like you!


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