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Certified Professional Life Coach for Christian women

Virtual or in person coaching

Based in Charlotte, NC

life coach charlotte nc

Certified Christian life coach for purpose driven women who crave more

What if you truly believed you were chosen by Him?

Be set apart like the daughter of the king that you are.

Actually believe who He is and who He says you are.

​​How is He calling you to boldly step forward in faith?

Are you equipped?

Have you realized the potential He’s given you?

Are you allowing Him to guide you along the way? (Like intimately guide you.)

Are you rejoicing with Him in the highs and surrendering in the lows?

What's at stake, if something doesn't change?

How will your life & legacy be impacted if you don’t have the courage and tools to follow through?

How will you keep going when it gets hard?

And... what happens when you do have the courage and persistence to follow through?

How will your life and God’s kingdom be impacted forever?

Let Grace Space Christian Coaching come alongside you in your journey with Jesus.
Find focus & clarity so that you can intentionally walk the path that He’s set before you.
Establish your identity in Him along with healthy, holy habits.
Ready to learn more?!
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So glad you are here, sweet sister.
life coach charlotte north carolina
life coach charlotte north carolina

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life coach charlotte north carolina