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Everything You Need to Know About Christian Life Coaching: For Purpose Driven Women who Crave More

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Over the years, I've received some great questions about coaching and thought you might find it helpful if they were all compiled in one place.

With no further ado, here's a bit more about Christian coaching! I pray that these will bring insight, inspiration, and clarity on whether Christian life coaching with Grace Space Christian Coaching is for you.

Here are the questions we address:

  • What exactly is coaching?

  • How do you incorporate faith into coaching?

  • What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

  • What are the benefits of coaching?

  • What results can I expect from coaching?

  • What topics do you coach on?

  • How can I determine whether Christian coaching is a fit for me?

  • Why should I get a coach if I'm content with my life?

  • What should I expect in each coaching session?

  • What is Alexandra's background & story?

  • Why should I select Alexandra as my coach?

  • What do past clients say about working with Grace Space Christian Coaching?

  • I'm in! What's next?

What is exactly is coaching?

Coaching gets you from where you are to where God wants you to be! It's like rocket fuel for your life. Coaching is kind of like a GPS- you'll get to your destination faster and more easily than you would have otherwise.

I'll ask you deep questions that guide you to next steps that are right for you. With God and through coaching, we can determine the best solutions for exactly who God made you to be and the specific life circumstances He has you in.

How do you incorporate faith into coaching?

We'll pray at the start and end of each session and connect the conversation to the Lord and scripture as it makes sense!

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Counseling is focused on the past. It's about healing from past traumas to get to a healthy current state. Coaching, however, looks forward towards the future. It's also very action oriented. I'll ask you powerful questions to get you thinking deeper than you might on your own. You'll be challenged in the best way, equipped, and ready to act. And if you're curious to learn more on the topic, check out this blog post on how coaching & counseling are different.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Curious about some of the benefits that come from coaching? Here are a handful!

  • Redefine your priorities

  • Overcome fear & doubt

  • Create a customized plan to get from where you are to where God wants you to be

  • Accomplish goals and be propelled forward

  • Read my love notes for more!

What results can I expect from coaching?

  • You'll receive clarity on what is tripping you up. You'll get to the root of what's holding you back

  • Old ineffective patterns will be disrupted and you'll stop wasting time.

  • Frustrated and anxious replaced with new feelings and habits.

  • You'll be energized and focused, which will allow you to make progress on what matters to you most.

  • Your ideas will transform into actions.

  • You'll take action to create a legacy that can live beyond you.

  • You'll feel supported and understood, and will experience breakthroughs that will change your world and those around you.

  • You'll uncover what it is that's holding you back. You'll experience freedom from your chains and overcome.

  • You'll live with genuine & authentic joy.

  • You'll know yourself better which will enable you to get better results.

  • You'll experience personal growth with a spiritual lens. You'll see the world in a new lens and have a plan for how to operate within it.

  • You may finally believe what God says about you.

  • You'll trade your insecurities for a more full and vibrant life.

  • You'll experience a deeper relationship with God and influence others to do the same.

  • You'll learn how to unplug from the world and plug into Jesus.

What topics do you coach on?

I'm certified to coach you on whatever topic you would love to see transformation in. I'm there to empower you, break down barriers, and build you up. Can you make progress on your own? Yes, probably. But how long will it take you? How much time have you already lost? Friend, even I have a coach. We all need a thought & accountability partner - someone who sees things differently than we do. Our friends & family can be great support systems, but may not challenge us in the way we need.

Here are the topics that my clients usually get coaching on:

Prioritization... you'll learn how to spend time on what matters most to change your life in the best way.

  • We get super clear on what's most important, and figure out how you can make time for that

  • You'll determine how to be a good steward of your time and how to use it effectively

  • We'll talk about habits to eliminate and lifegiving habits to begin

Goal setting... you'll create goals that you'll actually achieve and will impact our life in a big way

  • You'll get super clear on what you want and why it's important to you

Making decisions with God

  • Need to make a big choice and want to be sure God is part of it? You can be coached on how to make big decisions with Him at the center.

Living a life you LOVE

  • We'll dig into your strengths and spiritual gifts. You'll gain a deep understanding of who you are in God, and will delight in using your spiritual gifts to live a life you LOVE that serves others around you

  • You'll create (and actually use!) a morning and evening routine that gives you life

  • We'll talk about your purpose from a positive psychology, strengths based perspective. We'll target what it is you're meant to do, and how to incorporate more of that into your life.

Transitioning with grace

  • Moving from one life phase to another? We'll make a plan for how to navigate gracefully through moving, career change, and engagement

In need a mindset reset?

  • Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. Coaching is super effective in helping you to transform your mindset.

Want a more vibrant faith life?

  • We can work on making a plan for you to spend regular time with God

  • Help you figure out how to have fruitful conversations

  • Formulate a plan to put your spiritual gifts in action

How can I determine whether Christian coaching is a fit for me?

Curious about how to determine whether Christian coaching might be a fit for you? These questions below may help:

(And, you can check out this blog post on 10 indicators to determine whether coaching is or is not for you.)

  • Do you have an area of your life that could be improve?

  • Is there something you keep wanting to make progress on but haven't?

  • Have you asked yourself... is this all there is?

  • Are you feeling so busy with so much to do and no time to slow down, evaluate, plan?

  • Do you want to get more done, while also feeling more rested/fulfilled?

  • Do you feel like your own worst enemy at times? Maybe you're doubtful. You are sometimes more negative on yourself than you should be, and it isn't helping.

  • Do you know you want to do something different but aren't sure what that is or how to get there?

  • Are you craving deeper meaning and purpose in your life?

  • Do you feel restless and are yearning for more (but may not even know what that more is)?

  • Are you struggling to switch from dreaming to doing? You have big dreams, but aren't making the progress on them that you know you can.

  • Or perhaps you're feeling stuck in overwhelmed or frozen... maybe you have a million ideas but  aren't making much progress on any of them?

  • Do you wish you had more time in the day?

  • Do you want God to be a bigger part of  your life?

  • Are you high functioning and doing a LOT, but at the same time feel like you're doing nothing? Like you're running so fast but have nothing to show for it? Do you regularly wondering to yourself... where did the day go? You are having trouble focusing and using your time well.

  • Is your life so full, but also feels so empty? You’re tired of being stagnant and going through the same routine. There’s so much stuff yet you feel empty.

Sound like you? Reserve a complimentary clarity call where we'll talk through your biggest challenges, goals, and determine whether Christian coaching is a fit for you.

Why should I get a coach if I'm content with my life?

You might be wondering... who is coaching for anyway? Anyone who is looking to live with intention can benefit from the gift that is coaching. Coaching is about recognizing there's room for improvement and being excited about the possibility for a better life. Or maybe you're stuck in a state of overwhelm, feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. Or, perhaps you're feeling restless and know there's more. Sound familiar? Christian coaching might be for you. And here's the thing... if you say no to coaching, you might miss out on experiencing the best that God has for you. If you keep doing what you're doing, what will your future look like?

What should I expect in each coaching session?

  • If you're in Charlotte, we can meet in person depending on location. If you're located elsewhere (or prefer virtual sessions), we can meet or through a phone call or Zoom video. Coaching is super flexible can happen whenever and wherever!

  • Each session is one hour! You'll also receive an additional 30 minutes in your beginning, midpoint and final coaching sessions as a bonus... my gift to you.

  • In each session, we'll walk through the Christian coaching model, and I'll ask you powerful questions that'll stop you in your tracks in the very best of ways. You'll also leave with a customized strategy and action step at the end of each session to keep you moving forward and will complete worksheets before and after each session to get the very most out of your coaching experience.

  • The coaching is based on your agenda. You'll pick a topic for each session (e.g. I want to leave today with a plan for my morning routine). Coaching is super customized to your current season in life and who God created you to be (as not every suggestion works for everyone or will fit their life!) and the questions you'll be asked are specific to you and your situation.

  • I’ll provide you with space and accountability to keep you on track so that you can experience energy, joy, fulfillment, and progress like never before.

What is Alexandra's background & story?

I'm Alexandra Kaval- a certified professional life coach and founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching. I coach women (like you!) to successfully navigate tough transitions, find and sustain a healthy way of thinking, and more. I'll help you get to the root of what's holding you back so that you can live a more intentional, Christ-centered life.

Curious to hear more of my story & transformation? Listen to this podcast episode and this podcast episode, too! Although it's not always easy or fun to share the hard stuff, I pray that it encourages you.

Curious to hear more of the heart of GSCC? Watch this video on our homepage (near the bottom)!

Why should I select Alexandra as my coach?

  • I'm a certified professional life coach (CPLC) and attended my training at the Christian Coach Institute.

  • Additionally, I hold my ACC (I'm an Associate Certified Coach) through the International Coaching Federation- it's a governing body for coaches throughout the world. To obtain your ACC, it requires at least 60 hours of coach training, 10 hours of working with a mentor coach, having your coaching evaluated, at least 100 hours coaching clients, and passing a knowledge certification exam

  • And further, I've received a Masters in HR Development from Villanova University and hold close to ten years of experience in consulting and HR leadership development.

  • I've worked through a lot of change & transformation personally. I've changed careers (was initially going to grad school to become a physician assistant, then pivoted to Human Resources, and then took the leap to run my coaching practice full time!). I've also relocated several times and have walked through quite a bit personally in the process. Grateful to the Lord for how He grows us in each & every stage.

  • Want to know a super sweet differentiator with Grace Space Christian Coaching? Your faith will be honored at the center of it all! Coaching is customized to YOU. It's focused on where you are in life and who God created you to be. You'll received custom coaching and resources based on your strengths. Sessions are also 60 minutes in length (many other coaches meet 45-50 minutes.. Meaning over time, it's almost like receiving 1-2 additional sessions through our cumulative additional time together.) And, you're provided with support in between sessions. I'm happy to check in with resources and/or encouragement & accountability specific to what we'd discussed in between sessions.

What do past clients say about working with Grace Space Christian Coaching?

Read more from my clients about how coaching has changed their lives!

I'm in! What's next?

I'd love to invite you to a clarity call to see if Christian coaching is a good fit for you. We'll dig into your challenges, talk through your biggest goals, and explore what it'd be like to have your very own coach.

As a certified Christian life coach, I'm equipped to support you in getting from where you are to where God wants you to be. I've coached hundreds of women to live their most intentional, God-centered life. You don't want to miss out on the adventure He has for you.

These slots can fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your clarity call today!

It’s time to purposefully pursue your most intentional, Christ-centered life.

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Blog will help people to gain confidence... Thanks and Keep Sharing.


Blog will help people to gain confidence... Thanks and Keep Sharing.