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What I Wish I Knew: 7 Tips to Prepare for a Trip to Israel

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey sister!

I hope you have been absolutely loving this series on Israel! It’s been so special to revisit the trip and my prayer is that your love for the Bible and Holy Land is growing exponentially.

If you missed the first few posts, you can check them out below:

Ok, so for today, I’m sharing my top tips on how to prepare for a trip to Israel- what I wish I knew in advance of the trip.


7 Tips for Your Trip to Israel:

  1. Take videos!! While you’re there, go crazy on videos! Pictures are priceless, yes, but there is something so special about capturing the experience in motion. I wish I had even more video footage now that I’m back home.

  2. Related, capture as many panoramic pictures as you can! These are probably hands down some of our favorites. They really capture the essence of the location and make you feel a bit more like you’re actually there.

  3. Make room not just to pray but to listen. I felt like I did a lot of talking to God, but wish I’d done even more listening while I was in the Holy Land. Spend time getting quiet and listening for Him.

  4. Pray fervently before you go. Looking back, I wish I’d spent even more time in prayer preparing my heart for this super special experience. It’s so powerful to take in and I wonder how much more transformational it may have been if I’d spent even more quiet time with Him in advance.

  5. Read scripture beforehand. One of my biggest recommendations 10xs over! My husband and I read through the Bible aloud to one another aloud in advance of the trip. It took quite a bit of time and commitment, yes (2+ years in full transparency!), but it’s easily one of the very best things we’ve done in our 13 years together so far. To have read about the places we were visiting in advance was invaluable. And each evening in Israel, we’d go to scripture to reread about where we were going to visit the next day. It was super special to go to God’s word and then see the actual place the next day. Still cannot believe we were so blessed to do that. Friend- even if you have the smallest desire to take a trip to Israel, do it!!!

  6. Journal while you’re there. I did bring a journal but am kicking myself that I didn’t use it and instead took notes in my phone. Yes a phone might be easier and more practical, but there is something so sweet about writing. It’s almost a form of prayer for me, personally. Looking back, I feel like I would’ve shared and reflected more had I journaled. And, it would have been an additional tangible memento from the trip and sweet sweet take away. Don’t miss out on this like I did!

  7. Consider traveling with a Christian group or worship group. Let me start by saying we adored the group we went with. The guide, our pastor, the people… all amazing. Completely blessed to have journeyed with them. When we go back one day, however, we would love to go on an even more Christian focused tour, to even more strongly relate it all to Jesus. Our tour guide was unbelievably knowledgeable (it was mind blowing, really), however, he was Jewish, so just had a different perspective than we did. On our second go around (yes- we hope to visit again someday!) we'd love to experience the trip from a more Christian based lens. And related, being in Israel made me realize how important worship is to us- we missed our worship music! A few days into the trip, we started playing some of our favorite worship songs in the morning which was such a powerful way to start the day. Plus, it was like having a little bit of home with you when you’re halfway across the world.

There you have it! You can totally pin or bookmark this post to look back to (and/or these other posts!) for whenever you get to journey to the Holy Land!

I pray you love the experience just as much as I did.



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