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Israel Travel Diary: Highlights from the Holy Land

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I am SO excited to share something SO fun with you that kicks off today... it’s Grace Space Christian Coaching's Israel series!

Yes- I’m sharing a behind the scenes look with you at my trip to the Holy Land <3

I want to say it’s a once in a lifetime experience, but… I’m already ready to go back. ; ) So here’s to hoping for more visits in the years to come.

Here’s what we’ll cover in GSCC's Israel travel diary series:

- Highlights from the Holy Land (favorite places + experiences)

- What Surprised Me

- What I Wish I Knew + Did Before Going

- What to Pack (That’s Not on the Pack List!)

- Plus, a fun bonus :)

I can’t wait to hear what you think & pray that you fall even more in love with the Lord and His word through this series.

Let's get started!

Highlights from the Holy Land

The Holy Land. Part of my heart will forever be there. Was so grateful to travel there with my husband in November.

As my dear friend and mentor Lisa Allen said, Israel really does make the Bible like a pop-up book. Everything comes to life in a super special way!

As promised, am providing a travel diary recap series to share the top highlights of my trip with you. I pray that these are a blessing to read and encouragement to visit Israel, too.

So with no further ado, here are my highlights from the Holy Land!:


  • Holy of Holies- This makes me tear up thinking about. On the Temple Mount (Jesus was said to have preached here), there’s an area where the Holy of Holies is said to have sat- a place reserved for the presence of God. And because of Jesus, we can now touch that spot. Why is this so significant? The Holy of Holies was so sacred that priests could only enter only once a year on the Day of Atonement. And when they entered, a rope was tied to the priest's ankles (because if he did or said something wrong, it was believed that he'd be struck down), so that he could be pulled out!) So special to be in a spot where God's presence had rested and seriously moved by the fact that because of Jesus, we now are no longer separated from God.

  • Jesus was placed at an influential crossroads- where Europe, Asia, & Africa intersected. It was so well thought out & purposeful where God placed Him. And speaking of, what is the influential crossroads he placed you at? There is a distinct purpose in where He’s got you!

  • Mount Carmel was a definite highlight, too. There was something about the space that was so peaceful. God’s presence felt so real. Mt. Carmel was absolutely beautiful and boasted sweeping views. But most importantly, the spot is significant because that was where God came down and brought fire to Elijah’s sacrifice to demonstrate that He is the one true God (read more in 1 Kings!).

  • Mount Arbel (this is where I am in the picture above!) was absolutely stunning. The views of the Sea of Galilee and surrounding areas where Jesus ministered were all easily visible from that spot. It was a very short and easy walk/hike to get there. In fact, we almost wish we’d visited there at the end of the trip when we had a better understanding of everything we were seeing!

  • Mount of Beatitudes- this place was so special! The pastor leading the trip ask my husband to read the beatitudes on the Mount of Beatitudes … possibly the very place where Jesus spoke the same exact words. It was so special to witness and was a proud wife moment, for sure.

  • St. Anne’s Church- this is where Jesus told the man with the mat to get up and walk. And the man did get up and walk; through His faith + Jesus, he was healed. Absolutely love the story and this location was just gorgeous. The courtyard, the pool, the church… a total favorite. We also sang inside the church too (acoustics were unbelievable). Make sure you visit this spot when you’re in Israel!!

  • Abrahamic gates - These gates existed in Abraham’s time (we’re talking 4000 years ago!) and there’s a good chance he walked through them. I mean, come on!


  • Witnessing my husband’s faith grow in a big way. Y’all, his heart was captured by the Lord! He was diving into God’s word, taking note of what happened in each place, and capturing all the tour guide was sharing with such a passion.

  • Craving more of His word - My husband & I feel so fortunate to have gone on this trip when we did. Our love for God’s word is multiplied and to have it happen at such an early time in our lives… we are beyond grateful and look forward to how God will through that.

  • It was sweet to have such a deep desire to be where Jesus was, vs. being focused on historical sites or geography. For example, there were a couple sites we did not see so that more time could be spent at the Dead Sea. We were definitely bummed, but in a way, appreciated how passionate we felt about being where Jesus was. Sure, it was still a blessing to see the other stuff , but really we had such a hunger to be where God moved and Jesus walked.

  • Jesus knows us and our identity intimately. I was gently reminded how we are His beloved. He cares for us and knows every hair on our head. We are seen.

There’s still more to come! I’m creating a blog post on these other 3 topics for you:

- What Surprised Me

- What I Wish I Knew + Did Before Going

- What to Pack (That’s Not on the Pack List!)

Plus, I've got a special bonus coming your way soon (with LOTS of good pictures + info that you don't want to miss :)

With joy-


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