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3 Clarifying Questions to Reduce Stress and Live With More Joy & Freedom

reduce stress and live with more joy and freedom
3 Clarifying Questions to Reduce Stress & Live With More Joy & Freedom

Ever feel a bit off because of something small?

Maybe you've been meaning to put laundry away for a week and it's sat there for two.

Maybe a work meeting left you with more questions and uncertainty than answers.

Maybe a conversation with a friend ended a bit "off" and you're jumping to conclusions.

Sometimes the small things can leave you feeling like the big things are out of sorts, even if that isn't the case.

If you're in that space, let me encourage you to take five minutes (likely a small fraction of time spent on socials today, you can do it - I promise!) to create space and jot down your answers to these 3 simple questions.

His perfect peace will soon follow.

3 Clarifying Questions to Reduce Stress & Live With More Joy & Freedom

1) What's true? (And, what's a lie?)

Check out these 31 Christian Affirmations Rooted in Scripture for a boost of support if it's harder than expected come up with truths.

2) What do you need less of right now?

What distractions are getting in your way? What might bring you freedom?

3) What do you need more of in your life right now?

What would bring you joy? What would infuse more Jesus into your life?

Pause and trust in Him as you take a breath.

Will never get over the phrase "reflection reaps reward."

This workbook will help you to do just that, in a super intentional way.

Joyfully in Christ,


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