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Client Spotlight: McKinzie Rhea Services

Helping the People You Care About Most Feel Seen, Known, & Loved

If you're a part of the GSCC email fam (subscribe for direct access to the very best GSCC content), you know I couldn't help but recently share a few of the sweet ways our people have gone above & beyond for us during this special time as we welcomed our daughter.

And speaking of, I can't help but share one with you one of the most fun gifts we'd received from McKinzie Rhea Services. (The gift is amazing, but y'all are going to want to know about the giver!) McKinzie so generously gifted us THE perfectly curated box of goodies to welcome our sweet little girl and celebrate Mother's Day.

The photo above gives a peek of what all was in it. :) Of course the matching Lilly dresses were perfection (she orchestrated the girls' first matching moment!), the adorable home decor puts a smile on my face every time I see it, I'm a sucker for journals, the monogram stickers are perfection, and the pretty lotion is one of the top three I've ever used.

It was an absolute blessing to receive and honestly, what McKinzie does is the biggest gift for both the gifter and recipient, I have to share it with you guys!

Y'all, McKinzie is so good at what she does and you are going to what to know the scoop on her!

I know so many of you have approximately 238197 things going on at once and sometimes it feels like adding one more thing is impossible.

Having a gifting company like McKinzie's in your back pocket when you want to celebrate someone special in your life is a must.

McKinzie takes the time to curate, purchase, and send the perfect gift (in the prettiest package, no less!) so that the people you care about most will feel seen, known, & loved.

Just think of the time saved with this service - that in and of itself is worth all the praise hands. Plus, you're giving a small business owner the opportunity to shine - it's simply a win-win!

All that to say I can't recommend checking out McKinzie enough.

She has a heart of gold, loves color, and is the connoisseur of all things gifting (birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduation, just because!). You name it, McKinzie can do it and do it WELL.

Following her on Instagram is a great place to start and even better, she's got a list of 100 Amazon Items to Wow Everyone on Your Gifting List! How fun is that? (You can grab it through her website!)

Excited for y'all to fall in love with McKinzie and all things gifting!

With joy,


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