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Own Your Everyday

Have you heard of the phrase soul scripts?

I remember hearing about that Instagram hashtag years ago, which is how I found out about Jordan Dooley!

Last May, Jordan came to Charlotte to share about her book Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do. It was really powerful to see her speak in person and get to have a conversation with her while getting my book signed.

(Quick side note- have you ever met an author or celebrity at a meet & greet? It’s always interesting wondering how the conversation will actually go in reality vs. in your head (... and hoping that everything you say in the moment makes sense, haha!) Thankfully, Jordan was super easy to talk with :)

Here are the top takeaways Jordan shared as she spoke to the group (with such authenticity, let me tell you!).

These are some good quotes, y’all!

“Just because I’m on a book tour doesn’t mean I don’t doubt or feel the pit of rejection.”

Needed to hear this! Sometimes I can believe the lie that if a person has achieved a certain level of success, they’ve figured it all out. Not true. Such a good reminder that we are all working through hard stuff.

“Keep showing up for what you’re made to do, even if you don’t always want to.”

Consistency is crucial! Kind of reminds me of the quote that showing up is half the battle. Over time, persevering can definitely get you far. As Lara Casey says, “Little by little progress adds up!”

“You write the book you need to read.” Yup. What’s the book you need to write, friend?

“What holds you back- a skill set or a mindset (beliefs)?”

Both are important elements. Give yourself the gift of carving out time to be aware of where change is needed most. Loved this question.

“You get the outcome you wanted or the lesson you needed.”

Mike drop moment. So good, right?! Makes me think of how God uses all things for good. (Romans 8:28)

“Processing... feel it and then give it an expiration date.”

Yes and yes. I do believe it is so important to allow yourself to feel, but also to set boundaries so as not to remain in an unhealthy place for too long. Something to think about and implement when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

“Counseling is like an oil change or preventative maintenance.”

Such a powerful analogy. Counseling is a wise choice to make & important to pursue before the hard stuff happens! In some regards, you can view coaching the same way. Coaching enables you to proactively prepare for challenges and operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. If that sounds good to you, you can read more on everything you need to know about life coaching in this blog post as a next step.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this wisdom from Jordan <3

Praying that these truths are woven into your heart and life over the coming weeks!

With love-


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Love your work and sharing. Keep it up!

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