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Establish Daily Habits that Give You Life

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Do you feel encouraged and empowered throughout the day, or tired and overwhelmed? Are you being lifted up, or pulled down?

I asked myself these same questions, and began to take a hard look at how I was spending my time, and what the impact was. I discovered that there were some daily habits that I had unintentionally placed in my life that weren’t serving me or others around me. (Way too much time on social media, anyone?)

I decided that I was READY to take control of my time, and be more intentional about my everyday habits, in an effort to produce positivity and forward motion, rather than exhaustion and regret for how I was spending my time.

Does this intentional way of life sound appealing to you, too?

Start by determining 1-2 healthy habits that can you cultivate, and identify how they connect to your overall goals.

For me, I find peace and joy in reflecting on what I’m grateful for. This actually started with my grandmother (Mom Mom to be specific : ) I was probably in elementary school, and Mom Mom challenged her seven grandkids to a gratitude challenge she heard about through Oprah. She challenged us to write down 3 things we were grateful for every day. Whoever did that the longest would win a trip to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book (which for me, was enormous motivation at the time! I was and still am a bookworm). And guess what? I won the challenge. Even at such a young age, I felt the transformative power of practicing gratitude. And for that I am grateful. <3

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the practice of looking outside of yourself. There was a couple in my Lifegroup who brought their mentor and his wife to speak to us one day. The mentor highly, highly recommended praying with your spouse daily. The results are backed by data- less than one percent of couples who pray together daily get divorced. That, my friends, is pretty powerful. I share it as a reminder that supporting your spouse and being open and vulnerable in the presence of the Lord is a true miracle worker.

Friends, I pray that each of you recognizes the power of daily habits. Commit to 1-2 rituals each day that will give you life!


Grace Space CC Reflection Questions:

  • What is one thing that you will commit to doing for the next seven days, and pray (God willing) will morph into a habit that gives you life?

  • Consider what brought you joy as a child. Was it time outside? Did you love drawing? See what comes from tapping into your inner child. God gifted you talents and joys to use and bless others with, and it might just be time to rediscover them.


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