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Get Your Dream Life: How Quarantine Lessons May Help

An a-ha moment in quarantine 💡

There are so many pieces of my life that surprised me when the whole world came to a halt a few months ago. It made me realize that so many parts of my “dream life” have been within arms reach the whole time.

If you're curious to hear the backstory (and are maybe even craving some super impactful (yet simple!) growth yourself right now), you might love the article I'd written on the topic for Style Blueprint- Get Your Dream Life: How Quarantine Lessons May Help.

Plus, am sharing 3 takeaways to commit to bringing into my new normal (and that you may even be interested in trying out too!).

Also, I want to acknowledge (and do in the article) that YES- this is a horrific time for many reasons.

But — I truly believe that God can use all things for good and am truly grateful to have been witness to that over these past few months.

I pray that God uses this piece to inspire and spark something inside of you, too.

In Him,


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