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Christ-Centered Community: A Total God Story

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Friend, today's post is a fun one.

It's such a surreal example of how God works.

So it all started about 8 years ago... we're talking maybe 2011/2012.

The OG blog days if you will :) If you are lover of lifestyle blogs, you might also look fondly upon these old school days of blogging.

But first, backing it up a bit, believe it or not- blogging is a big reason for why I live in Charlotte! Years ago, I remember reading Carolina Charm, Smidge of This, and Sweet Southern Prep. They seemed like the sweetest people and were creating such incredible lives in Charlotte. It planted the seed that it might be some place special to live one day.

Fast forward several years, maybe to late 2017/early 2018. I finally meet Christina of Carolina Charm in person (at another blogger's sale (McKenna Bleu)- go figure)! We talk coaching and meet up for lunch a couple months later. Then earlier this year, the timing was right and I had the honor of serving as her Christian life coach!

And friends... God showed up and showed up BIG through her coaching. In ways bigger than either of us probably expected. Here's what Christina shared:

For the past few months I’ve been receiving life coaching from Alexandra of Grace Space Christian Coaching and have had such an amazing experience that I wanted to share her with y’all in case coaching is something you could use in your life too!

Local to Charlotte, I actually met Alexandra at a blogger closet sale over a year ago! We hit it off and she offered me a complimentary session over pizza in Uptown…and I loved it.

Fast forward to a couple months ago, I was ready to make some serious changes in my life and began meeting with Alexandra regularly.

We’ve done all of our recent sessions over the phone — tackling some super heavy topics, and she has helped me sort out a lot of mental clutter, asked me a ton or powerful questions I’ve never thought about before, changed my perspective in several areas of my life and together we’ve set healthy boundaries and significant goals (with action items and accountability to achieve them).

Coaching has truly changed areas my life and I am so grateful I made it to that closet sale that day.

By the way, you don’t have to be unhappy, burnt out, anxious or unfulfilled to need life coaching. Life coaching is for anyone looking to kick their life into high gear — to achieve those dreams and reach their full potential.

Powerful, right?!

Still in awe that the Lord equipped me to serve someone who I respect so much and who has also served me so well, through her amazing blogging content & community.

And there's more.

Earlier this summer, Christina felt prompted to start something new- a Bible study.

She polled her blogging community (because why not!) for book suggestions, and I was elated to not only see she selected Restless, but to be invited to be part of the group.

It's been the biggest joy to get to know Christina (Carolina Charm), April (of Smidge of This blog), and a handful of other amazing women better & to get to love them well through the giftings God's given me as we study Restless and His word together.

Friend, I pray that the Lord brings you your own pinch me moment very soon, too.

You'll be amazed what He will do when you get still enough to listen to Him, let the Holy Spirit equip you with courage, and walk in obedience.

Ready to achieve your God-given dreams and reach your full potential?

Want to set healthy boundaries & sort through your mental clutter?

Reserve your clarity call as a next step! Can't wait to meet you.

Plus, I'd love to invite you to join the GSCC email family for the latest updates & member only specials! Plus, you'll receive a free gift when you join us:) You'll get an exclusive eBook 'How to Make Your Vision Board Come to Life (in 7 Simple Steps)!

Let this be the year where everything changes.

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