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How to Live Set Apart

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

What if you really believed what God said about you?

Imagine how life might look different if you embraced your status as a daughter of the high King.

And in addition to that... what if you lived life with your eyes set on things of eternal significance (vs. what the world says is important)?

I'm unpacking all of this on my friend Erin's blog today, friends!

(And yes- I know this is a LOT to cover in one post, haha, but you better believe it's a good one! :)

Also- be sure to check out Erin's site while you're there. She is amazing- a photographer, essential oil expert, and crazy about Jesus. She's one of those people who you will love instantly <3

Send me a note to let me know what in the blog post you connected with most!!

His love,


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