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How to Navigate through Life’s Challenges with Grace & Purpose

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

What if Monday could be a day where you felt refreshed, rather than restless?

Life can be HARD sometimes, am I right?

We can live our days wanting to get through them rather than rejoice in them. Sometimes our circumstances feel so challenging. Hopeless, even.

In those times, we oftentimes want to turn away from the issue. Instead, we’ll choose to turn on the TV, dive into social media, or do something else to distract from the issue.

Or… we might want to think about (whatever the issue is) constantly. On repeat. Examine and study it and replay it continually.

Neither ‘tactic’ is going to get you where you want to go, even if it is what seems to be chosen again & again.

So, how do you pull yourself out of the hamster wheel and actually change things for the better?

Go to scripture and listen to the Holy Spirit. Connect with God through reflection and prayer. Answer the hard questions.

You can do just that by diving into this free (and gorgeous!) guide that I’ve created just for you.

If you are genuinely intent on pulling yourself out of the ‘mess’ you feel and into a life more full of joy and sweet moments with the ones you love most, let’s talk about how coaching can transform your world.

What is coaching with me like? God guides our conversation. I’ll ask powerful questions that will shake up your world in the best possible way. Plus, each session will uplift your spirits and outlook so that you can finally unlock the potential that’s within you. It’s like rocket fuel for your dreams and relationship with the Lord.

Don’t miss out on the adventure that God has in store for you.


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