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On Leaving a Legacy

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Question for you. Ready?

Ok, so here goes. When you’re 80, what do you want to look back at and see?

What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to have lived your life?

The first time someone asked me that question (in a coaching call, actually), I got pretty choked up. I thought about what my life looked like at the moment, and how if I kept going, I wasn’t going to like the way things looked at 80. I was too wrapped up in a list of errands, rather than being engaged and invested in those around me.

I instead desired a life where I looked back and saw that my love for God and others was of primary importance. I wanted to look back and see my time invested in deep, meaningful relationships. I wanted to show my love for God through loving others. Through knowing His word. I didn’t want to look back and see someone who was cranky, uptight, and sometimes closed off. That’s really not how I wanted to be remembered.

Friends, I know sometimes it feels like it’s too late. Like it’s too late to get started on your dream. Or too late to change who you think you’ve become. God blesses us with newness each day. He desires to renew and refresh us. With hope and strength from Him, we can make a decision to reset and better live our lives in a way that glorifies Him.

So. What do you want your legacy to look like? What do you want to stand out? Relationships? A servant heart? What is it that lights you up? Consider starting there.

Now, think about how you can infuse that into your current habits. How will that theme become part of your week? Or your day? For example, I desire to intimately know the Lord and His word. So for me, that looks like reading the Bible each day, and being intentional about applying those principles into life, be it through my job, family, or serving others.

Ask yourself the scary but powerful question of what you want to stand out most when you’re 80. And pray to God for strength and direction so that you can build your life accordingly.


Grace Space CC Questions:

  • What do you want to see when you look back on your life at 80?

  • How can you infuse that into your week? Your day?


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