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A Fruitful Frame of Mind

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I have a confession.

Offering positivity, support, and encouragement to others comes naturally, but for a long time, I struggled (and sometimes still do) to adopt that same outlook for my own life.

And you know what, I got so sick of living that way.

Are you challenged to naturally see the good?

Living in negativity is so incredibly draining. It takes a lot of energy, and isn’t fruitful.

Living this way can make your world small. Instead of seeing the good, the possibility, the creation that the Lord has presented us with, we instead see what’s missing.

But in reality, we have such full lives. We find restoration and renewal in Him. We are blessed beyond belief. Jesus changed everything for us.

What can you do to experience a fruitful frame of mind? A new way of life, if you will. How can you train your brain to think differently?

So glad you asked : ) Here are a few strategies we can work on together:

  1. When you recognize that you’ve fallen into a negative pattern of thinking, ask yourself, “How is this benefiting me?” I’m guessing your negative self-talk isn’t in fact propelling you forward. When you feel the dark creeping in, commit to experiencing the situation differently. Pray to God for strength and a renewed mindset.

  2. Step back. You may be feeling overwhelmed and lacking big picture perspective. What are the ‘big rocks’ that you are most important to you? How much time and energy are you giving to those? How can you be more intentional about focusing on what is most important to you?

  3. Consider what you are grateful each day. Write it down. Seeing it is beneficial. Praise Jesus for these blessings. Seriously try it for a week, and see what happens.

  4. List ONE small thing you will do today to make progress on something that matters to you. Praise Jesus for this simple victory.

  5. And even better, consider how you can give to others. Focus your thoughts outside of yourself. Pick one thing that you can do to delight someone else.

Let’s work together to make progress on this fruitful frame of mind, friends!

Comment below and let me know what idea you are going to put into practice. Would love to offer support and encouragement and cheer one another along <3


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