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So, How is God Working on Me?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Hey friends! Want a little peek into how God is working on me? I want to be the best coach possible for YOU, and to do that, I feel strongly convicted to grow more deeply in Him, and in what He’s called me to.

So what does that look like… for me personally, I am working on a few key things. Probably the biggest thing (simply put) is to be bold. To take risks. To HAVE FAITH in Him that He will take care of the ‘how.’ For the Red Sea to part, Moses had to first stretch out his hand. I have to take the first step (and we know the first is usually the toughest, am I right?) in some uncomfortable directions, and then he will be faithful in taking His next steps.

Do you feel like taking the ‘first step’ is crazy hard for you and easy breezy for everyone else?

I am a recovering perfectionist, for one. Making even the smallest decisions can be paralyzing. Because of this, I rarely posted to social media before launching Grace Space Christian Coaching. And rarely meaning, I’ve posted ONCE on my personal Instagram in almost 3 years… in November 2014 (and had my husband (then fiancé) do it for me…). I felt like I needed the perfect picture, the perfect filter, the perfect caption. I got so tied up with searching for perfect, and froze.

How did I make this shift and find the guts to do something different? I trusted God and looked outside of myself. Instead of contemplating what could go wrong, I considered what could go right! I considered how God could use something as seemingly small as me posting on social media for His glory. Each time I post for GSCC, I get a bit braver. I pray that my words and images connect with and inspire you, at times when you really need it. I pray that I share with you some really awesome resources that provide hope and renewed energy to accomplish your God-given purpose.

Friends, my biggest prayer for you today is to give yourself space to dream. Let go of judgment. Believe in yourself. Believe that HE believes in you and is with you always. Move past the fear, listen to what HE wants you to do, and do just that. Focus primarily on the good that can result from whatever He has placed on your heart, instead of using your precious energy being consumed with what could go wrong.

Give yourself and give others the chance to benefit from what only you can gift to the world. Allow God to work through you. Send that heartfelt text. Decide to lead a small group. Make that career change a reality. Take the steps to start that nonprofit. Take one small step today towards whatever it is that He has placed on your heart.

You’ve got this, and He’s got you.


Grace Space CC Questions:

  • What is God nudging you towards? Pray for clarity. Ask Him and others for support.

  • Dig into His word to be reminded of how He loves you. Use this truth to propel you forward. Take one small step towards your big God-given dream today.


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