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The Gift of Now

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Want to know one of my greatest joys? Planning ahead.

What to know one of weaknesses? Getting too caught up in planning ahead.

The power of now is real, you guys. It’s something that we are blessed with, and are gifted. Don’t get me wrong- great joy and fruits can come from planning, but I’ve found that many of my most treasured memories are when I let go, and experience the now.

What are some practical ways you can do just that?

As one of my favorite musicians (Sheree Michele) puts it-‘good talks, long walks’! (seriously, listen to her she’s amazing! All We Need is my favorite : ) Other ideas are quiet time with the Lord. Reflection, prayer, and gratitude with Him is a super natural experience. For me, journaling is an especially sweet, special time. The Lord speaks to me clearly, and I enjoy His presence and inspiration.

Where does the Lord show up for and connect with you most clearly? Engage in what He’s placed in front of you. We are so busy trying to go, go, go that we can miss the now. Let’s change that, and indulge in the present.

Getting back to the basics can truly bring such unexpected joy.


Grace Space CC Reflection Questions:

  • Do you spend most of your energy in the past, present, or future?

  • How does the Lord connect with you most clearly?

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