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What It's Like Having a Christian Life Coach

Ever wonder what it'd actually be like to partner with a Christian life coach?

Curious how your life might be changed?

My sweet client Amy (of Amy Believes in Pink!) is answering ALL those questions you might have in her latest blog post!

Amy is a total purpose driven doer & dreamer who just knew that there was more. (She is crazy down to earth and humble, so I'll say it for her- her blog is AMAZING ... she is totally killing it and her social media game! All while working a corporate job, too!!)

If any of that sounds like you or if you're also a fan of lifestyle blogs, positivity, sunshine, or Lilly, you're going to love Amy, too! Her blog, Amy Believes in Pink, is all about "colorful fashion, travel, decor, & the occassional party"- so fun!

Amy was ready to get focused and do it with a Christ centered heart. Last summer, she kicked off a coaching package with GSCC and it's truly been unbelievable to witness how God has moved in our time together.

She's sharing the details on her experience, what to expect with Christian coaching, how you'll know it's for you, and how to get started in her blog post :)

(Amy's literally such a good writer & it legit feels like you're having a conversation with her when you're reading her words- I have a feeling you'll love getting a peek at her Christian coaching experience.)

I pray that it gives you the courage to consider whether Christian coaching is a fit for you, too. <3

I hope reading it feels like warm sunshine! <3 (aka just like Amy!)

With love,


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