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How to Take Risks with God

Do you have a big idea or dream that God has planted in your heart?

Do you also have BIG fears or doubts that go along with that dream?

I absolutely know what that’s like. One of the biggest risks in my life was leaving my comfortable corporate job to pursue Christian coaching full time.

To the outside world, this didn’t make any sense. I was bringing in close to a six-figure salary. The job provided flexible hours. It wasn’t demanding. I had a team that I liked working with and they liked me back. There was great growth potential at the company.

… But God.

Friend, when we get quiet and listen to Him, we’re given insight into a plan that is much more beautiful than our own.

Maybe you feel unsettled but also frustrated by that emotion since so much is going well in your life.

I feel you. I was in that same exact place.

Waiting patiently through that unrest may be one of the wisest things you do. Yes- it may look like taking a risk.

And yes – it may look unconventional or different from what the world might lead you to do.

But, there is so much joy (and Jesus!) waiting to be found in that exact place.


In Christ,


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