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Favorite Resources for a Christ-Centered Marriage

“I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding.”

Don’t you adore this quote?

It’s one of my personal favorites I had framed & used as decor at my wedding. And now, it’s styled on a bookshelf in my living room, as both a beautiful memento from that special day and as a sweet reminder to invest in the journey that is marriage.

So a little personal background, if you’re interested! As of today, my husband and I are so excited to be celebrating close to 13 years of being together. We met in 2006 (fall of our freshman year of college), started dating in fall of 2007, and got married in summer of 2015. We are so grateful for the Lord’s goodness and to be celebrating 5 years of marriage (this Saturday, actually!).

With over a decade of being together under our belt and half a decade of marriage to celebrate, I was thinking it could be fun to share some of my very favorite Christ-centered marriage resources I’ve come across over the years.

If you’re looking to enrich your relationship and would love to do so in a faith based way, I pray that this post will encourage and inspire you!

Favorite Resources for a Christ-Centered Marriage


Guided journals:


Connection questions:

Favorite activities:

  • Day trip getaways

  • Walks together

  • Cooking classes (the ones at Whole Foods are my favorite!)

  • Comedy shows

  • Worshipping together

  • Reading God’s word together

  • Praying together (8 Benefits of Praying with Your Spouse - the benefits of praying with your spouse are profound.. less than 1% of couples who pray together daily end their marriages)

Additional ideas:

  • Find an older, wiser couple to mentor you (we found a few great ones through our participation in the Charlotte Leadership Forum)

  • Participate in a couples life group (pivotal part of our faith journey together!)

  • Organize game nights with other couple friends (Taboo is one of our favorites to play!)

  • Plan to go on an annual trip together, with just the two of you (it can even be an in-state getaway or staycation!)

  • Cultivate anniversary traditions - we always watch our wedding video (I still tear up everytime!), will now flip through our wedding album (thanks to quarantine, I finally put ours together), enjoy wedding cake and triple chocolate torte cupcakes from Gigis (which we served at our wedding!), enjoy a nice dinner out, exchange heartfelt cards (but no gifts! we love to plan a little getaway instead), reread our vows, pray together for the year ahead, and sometimes read through the cards I’d saved from attendees & the mason jar glass full of marriage advice I’m received from my bridal shower)

  • Remember to have fun and treat your husband like the best friend he is!

I hope this post was a fun one and that it blesses you and your husband in a big way!

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And if you have any other favorite resources for a Christ-centered marriage that aren’t on here, I am all ears! Please drop yours in the comments below or send me an email!

And if you made it this far, I have a little fun something to end the post with - a mini recap of my wedding video ... a little glimpse into one of the very best days of my life. Enjoy!!

With love,


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