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When Scripture Rocks Your World: Learning to Rest in Him

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

scripture Matthew 6:34

When I first read this scripture I wanted to fight it. I felt like it was wrong (which feels crazy to say- but it’s the truth of how I felt in the moment.)


I am a major planner and take great joy in thinking about the future. It’s why being a coach comes so naturally for me! Partnering with my clients to create a compelling vision and plan for the future is the BEST. However, this strength & gift from God became distorted by the enemy. One of my greatest strengths morphed into one of my greatest downfalls. (Has this ever happened to you, too?)


I found myself becoming very easily caught up in anxiety & the what if’s and it wasn’t healthy. I held onto so much unnecessary stress and burden. That’s not the way we are called to live.


So what changed? I had to place my faith in God in a whole new way. I began to focus on what I could do TODAY. It was critical for me to be engaged in the present and find joy in the every day (because it’s totally there!). I learned how to rest in Him in a whole new way. Acknowledging and accepting the truth of Matthew 6:34 was just what the Lord desired for me.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble on it’s own. (Matthew 6:34)


I pray that this message blesses you and frees you, too. Maybe share it with a friend who might need to be comforted by these words as well. So much love <3


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