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If You Could Experience Peace, Would You Choose It?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

When you approach a new experience, what do you feel? Excitement and determination? Or apprehension and questioning? Do you consider what this new opportunity will cost you? Or instead, do you consider the possibilities that it may bring?

Choose to primarily focus on the benefits, you guys! This outlook is much fruitful and rewarding. Use your energy to draw upon hope and possibility. Upon what could be.

Consider what is growing amongst what feels like weeds (see Lara Casey’s Cultivate book for more phenomenal content and the most awesome garden analogies you’ll ever come across : ) ). Sometimes the fruit might be tucked deep within, and can be tough to find. Challenge yourself to pray to the Lord and ask that He make it clear what His purpose is for you in this situation.

I know that I can be guilty of focusing on what’s missing or what’s not ‘just right.’ From a fellow daughter of God who is continually drawing on His strength, I would suggest that instead you pause in these moments of discontent. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and pray to the Lord to demonstrate His presence, love, and peace that only He can provide.

Consider a time when He’s shared His love with you. When He’s allowed others around you to serve as conduits of His love. Take a minute to step out of the challenges of your current situation, and be reminded of his everlasting love and glory.

Feel the sun on your face. Soak in sweet and cherished memories with loved ones. Pray for a heart full of gratitude for the joys that He has blessed you with.

Pray for a renewed heart, a heart that desires His presence and yearns to become more and more like His every day.


Grace Space CC Prompts:

  • Pause in prayer.

  • Meditate on the good that He’s placed around you.

  • Choose joy.


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