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Revelations from a Quiet Moment of Reflection: When You Need that Extra Spark and a Dash of Grace

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Sometimes we need a good old gut check.

The other day while being coached (I totally have a coach, too! I so believe in the power of coaching, y’all), I had a realization that I like to tell, tell, tell. I love giving other people to-do lists and timelines. Particularly those who are nearest and dearest to me. But, when a timeline is given to me, things feel different. I want to dig in my heels and be stubborn.

I can easily feel so inundated with a million things to do, and become very overwhelmed. I can be tempted to make excuses or reasons for why something might be delayed. The old adage ‘things are easier said than done’ becomes very real.

I like to push others to get their lists done NOW and feel so darn impatient when that doesn’t happen. Deep down, I recognized that my frustration with others came from being mad at myself. I was struggling with the fact that I was not making the progress that I had hoped to on my own lists. I was being especially hard on others for what I was struggling with myself.

Through this recognition, this ‘lightbulb’ moment, I uncovered a few truths that I pray will benefit you and me both, my sweet readers.

First, extend grace to yourself and others. Find peace (and rest) with the fact that perfection is nonexistent. And then, focus on moving forward, and on finding energy to make progress on what you’d set out to do. Getting tangled in unrealistic expectations and practicing negative self-talk is a fruitless venture.

Go back to the why for motivation on those items on your to-do list. Why is it that you want to get that ‘thing’ done? Will it bring your family closer? Will it move you closer to your career goals? Or, do you need to simply take it off your list?

What are the outcomes or benefits that will result from accomplishing what matters to you? Getting clarity on that will help provide you with energy and sustenance to propel you forward.


Grace Space CC Reflection Questions

So friends, two questions for you:

  • Are you extending grace to yourself and to others in the hard stuff?

  • For those big, scary to-do’s on your list… ask yourself- what is your why?

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