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Hey there, GSCC insider!


If you're reading this, it's because I’m SO excited that we’re partnering (or have partnered!) together through 1:1 coaching with GSCC.


First, I want to honor your commitment & dedication to the Christian coaching process and even more importantly, the Lord.


It’s so powerful to witness how His movement during our time together and I pray that you draw upon your coaching experience and takeaways often, with so much joy & gratitude.


Thank you for bravely saying yes! And related to your ‘yes,’ I’d encourage you to think back and consider...  


What prompted you to courageously say yes to Christian coaching?

What comes to mind? What was the impetus?

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Your journey is essential to Grace Space

Christian Coaching's journey.


As a small business owner, the #1 way that GSCC grows (outside of Jesus) is through YOU!


Not through traditional advertising, social media, or anything else. 


You are the heart of Grace Space Christian Coaching and I couldn't do it without you. 


So with all that said...

Want to link arms and be a part of changing lives and legacies for His kingdom?

If you’re loving (or have loved!) your experience with GSCC,

it would be amazing if you would  share about it with a friend and/or on social media! 

Here's why:

  • There is SO much power in testimony

  • Sharing your story might just be the biggest blessing (for you both!)

  • I’d absolutely love to work with more clients like you! 

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IMG_6954 (1).JPG

 Our Ask ... 

 Tips for When & How to Share Your Experience 

First, know that you are more equipped than anyone to speak to your coaching experience & share about it firsthand!

 Pray about what stands out from your coaching. 

 What 1-2 highlights would you like to share?  


Consider what you’ll share about your experience with friends & family. Here are a few resources that may help:

  • GSCC's love notes (in case you want to look back to what other clients are saying about their experience)

  • Topics that women are typically coached on

  • Coaching FAQs

  • Access our fun Celebration Questions Template through our Celebration Q's Highlight on IG to make it super easy to share on Instagram Stories! 


(Not only change lives & legacies, but receive a special thank you, too!)


I know so many of you already share so generously about your experience with Grace Space Christian Coaching, and it means the world. It'd be an honor to go above & beyond to thank you, too!


Here are a few options of exclusive perks you can choose from when sharing GSCC with a friend who purchases a coaching package:

  • Receive $100 off your next coaching package

  • Ever dream of saying you've been on a podcast?! Let's feature you on GSCC's Fruitful Faith: Women on Mission podcast! We can have you on as a special guest to highlight what the Lord has done & is doing in your life

  • Receive a complimentary spiritual gifts assessment (the same exact one I'd taken in coach training school! It's extremely comprehensive and comes with an action plan, too)

  • Want to go all in? Receive the ultimate bonus package, if you will, when you refer 3 or more women to GSCC who enroll in coaching! You'll receive a complimentary 60-minute coaching session and a $50 gift card to one of GSCC's favorites (Cultivate What Matters, Fashion & Compassion, or Val Marie Paper)

Q1-2019-12-600x400 (1).jpg

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions as you share about your experience!


Beyond blessed as you encourage those in your circle of influence (and hopefully yourself, too!) through highlighting your favorite coaching takeaways.


Again, thank you for sharing the gift of Christian coaching with your friends, coworkers, family members, & more.

Quick Recap​...

1) Share about your Christian coaching experience through 1:1 conversations & social media.

(Tips for when & how to share are above! Don't forget to tag @gracespacechristiancoaching when posting! :)

2) Receive awesome bonuses when your people purchase a coaching package!

You'll impact the trajectory of other women’s lives, support a small business, &

share the gifts, hope, and truth that the Lord provides.

Thankful for you!


Joyfully in Christ,



Tip:  Access our fun Celebration Questions Template 

through our Celebration Q's Highlight on Instagram -

it's a super easy way to share on Instagram Stories!

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