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Simple Questions to Cultivate Your Most Intentional Life

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing that usually comes to mind?

Is it gratitude for the day ahead?

Stress about everything that’s on your to-do list?

Frustration with how tired you are?

A wise mentor shared with me that whatever that thing is … it’s what you’re controlled by.

But here’s the good news- you get to have influence over what comes to mind.

So let’s think about it for a moment.

What would be most lifegiving for you right now?

What truths do you need to hear and believe?

(Our thoughts/feelings, behaviors, and results are all driven by our beliefs! So important.)

You are where your attention is. Let it be in a place of truth.

Then, consider how to incorporate more of that truth into your life.

What action(s) do you need to take to be in alignment with this desire?

And, what do you need to stop doing in order to live out this truth?

Consider how you can incorporate this new way of thinking throughout your day and week.

Be intentional and live life on purpose!

You’ll be so glad you did and, you might just forever change the trajectory of your life.

Want more?

Check out our mini workshop - From Overwhelmed to On Purpose!

It’s a virtual prerecorded workshop that’s under 15 minutes (I know you’ve got a lot going on!).

With joy,


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