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How to Create Confidence that Lasts

I was at standing on stage, all by myself, looking down at my dad, the teacher, and several older kids below.

The stage floor was wooden - that golden yellowy grain type of wood.

“Come on, just try,” my Dad said - his voice filled with hope and frustration all at once.

I was maybe four years old, attending an acting class. I was painfully shy and this felt like my parents' last ditch effort to get me out of my shell.

And not only as a child but as a young adult too, I was reserved and deeply struggled with confidence (in a big way).

It breaks my heart looking back at my younger self and

realizing how much I missed out on because of fear.

Can you relate?

Through God, it all came to a turning point (I share more about my story here & here). Praise Him.

If you're wrestling with feeling less than, or your head junk is getting in your own way of your big God-given dreams..

Here are four ways (plus a handful of bonus coaching questions!) to boost your courage and confidence, in a faith based way that lasts.

Stand in your identity as God's daughter.

You are created in His image. You're here to be loved! One of my favorite quotes is to, "Work from worth, not for it". You are His precious child and daughter of the high King! Find joy and delight in that! The God of the universe is for you.

Place His words in your heart and your mind.

Deuteronomy 11:18 says to, "Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads."

What scripture might uniquely breathe life into you this season? Pick 1-3 verses that speak directly to your heart, memorize them, and say or write them out daily. (Google what you need (e.g. scripture for confidence) and you'll find plenty of options- easy as that! Bonus- do it in Pinterest and you'll find cute options you can use as screen savers, too!) As bible teacher Beth Moore has said- let His voice be the loudest in your life.

Look back on your childhood highlights & accomplishments.

One Christmas when I was visiting my childhood home, I dug through all the memories that were buried in plastic bins under my bed. It was one of the best things, most healing things I've done. Sometimes some of the tough stuff can stand out more than it should, but the exercise of sifting through past mementos from the first 18 years of my life was powerful. It was sweet to look back and see the happy memories, accomplishments, and joy during those formative years. The tenderness, love, and compassion you'll have for your younger self will be priceless. Would highly recommend.

Get clear on His purpose for your life and go after it- even when it’s scary.

Understand your strengths and how to use them, read the book Restless, and learn more about our coaching programs.

And with that, I've leave you with several powerful coaching questions to wrap us up. If you take 10-15 minutes to journal your responses to these, I'm confident you'll find the time well spent and that the Lord will move! Enjoy.

Coaching questions for change:

  • What if you if felt chosen, seen, and known?

  • What would it look like to live set apart like the daughter of the king you are?

  • What is one step you can take to actively believe who He is and who He says you are?

  • How is He calling you to boldly step forward in faith? What are 1-2 steps you can take to get equipped?

  • How are you allowing God to guide you along the way?

  • What will help you to keep going when it gets hard?

  • If you don’t walk forth in what He's calling you to, what’s at stake?

  • How will your life & legacy be impacted if you don’t have the courage and tools to follow through?

  • But... what if you do have the persistence and faith to boldly walk forward? How will your life and God’s kingdom be forever changed?

Let Grace Space Christian Coaching provide you with clarity so that you can walk well the path that He’s set before you and establish healthy, holy habits & identity. Let's work together.

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