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Cultivate Your Year Live!

Have you ever heard of Lara Casey or Cultivate What Matters?

If you are craving a purpose filled life or want to get clear on your intentions (the good stuff!), you’ll love reading all about my biggest takeaways from Cultivate Your Year Live!

(Essentially, CYYL is a one day goal setting event where Lara Casey walks us through our PowerSheets (so fun!)!)

I’m going to let you in on all the highlights so you can get an extra boost of motivation to step courageously into whatever it is that He’s calling you to.

Ready?!? Let’s jump on in!!

Okay so the first thing I learned… (a silly thing, but I think y’all will appreciate it :) When you attend CYYL, wear bright colors (even in the winter - ha! ;) With it being December, I was in a festive red sweater and a tan faux fur lined poncho, but y’all know I love me so Lilly and would have fit right in with my favorite Lilly pieces :) Bright pinks and other pops of color all the way!

It’s about having FUN. I sat right next to Maghon Taylor of All She Wrote Notes, who of course made the event that much more amazing.

The question “How many times have you accepted defeat before even trying?” was posed and took my breath away. Friend, let’s not put limits on God! Won’t He do it!!

What do you want to be known for? I was taken aback when I recognized that I want to be known for spreading joy, but was not being intentional about doing anything specific to make that happen.

You’ll get clarity on your values- here are my top values- boldness (because that’s how Jesus behaved!), efficiency (I feel like I have a sense of urgency because I am so deeply connected to my purpose!), and confidence (because it engages others to tune in).

What are your sweetest memories? My best memories were not about about accomplishing goals (which was totally what I’d expected), but about experiencing something new … It made me realize I need to be intentional about taking more risks! If & when you make room for Him, He’ll show you every step of the way.

What motivates you, sister? What motivates me tends to be deadlines and when someone counting on me.

I was reminded to take the time to consider the question, “What makes you happy”? What fires YOU up, friend? How can you do more of that thing?

A common theme was the need for space. Breathing room to celebrate what God has done and reflect on what He still has in store. Connection with Jesus is the most precious gift and I’m ready for more of it.

Goal setting is not about putting more things on your list but is about doing the RIGHT thing.

I’m being called to lean in. To get uncomfortable and love people well.

It was bittersweet considering the dichotomy between how we can oftentimes wish the days away while feeling that there’s not enough time. I don’t want any of Jesus’s blessings to be lost on me.

I believe it was Lara who shared that, “Goals themselves aren’t going to change what matters. Knowing what matters most will.” Amen!!!

As aspirational and dream worthy as the day was, I was also reminded that I am so capable (and so are you!!). He has prepared you well to do big things not only in the future, but also right now. Courageously share His word & your testimony with others. We all need Him.


Friend, are you as fired up as I am?

When you listen to His nudgings, you’re given one of the very best gifts.

If you’re feeling like you’re craving more but also a bit stuck (have totally been there myself), you may want to consider using Christian coaching as a resource to experience more joy, clarity, purpose, and freedom than ever before.

Working with Grace Space Christian Coaching is kind of like working through PowerSheets with a certified coach (& encourager!) and witnessing your goals come to LIFE! Christian coaching with GSCC is super sweet as it’s 1:1, plus the coaching & strategies you’ll walk away with are completely customized to you.

Coaching is a pattern interrupt that will disrupt your world in the best of ways. We’ll use frustration as fuel and you’ll grow unlike ever before. You’ll get from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Friend, invest your time..don’t just spend it.

Your life and those lives that God is calling you to impact are so worth it.

Curious about how to take the first step? Simply reserve your clarity call.

Can't wait to meet you!

With joy,




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