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How You View God + the Enneagram

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Any Enneagram fans out there?

Earlier this year, I had this idea pop up in my mind that we may think about God in a certain way, based on our Enneagram types!

My prayer in sharing this is that it might be helpful to recognize what comes to mind when you think of God.

Ok, so here it is!

How You View God + the Enneagram

1- God is perfection

2- God helps His people out of His love for us

3- God works amazing miracles

4- God is unlike any other

5- God sees everything

6- God is always for us

7- God is pure joy

8- God is our powerful protector

9- God is peace

You might be thinking… yup- this is spot on, or, sure- this is pretty interesting, or, this is cool, but what do I do with this new insight?

As A.W. Tozer once said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

So, here’s how I’m proposing you prayerfully use this insight : )

First, if you really want to go deeper with it, you might want to consider how this view of God influences your life. Is it a good thing? Or does it distance you from Him?

If how you see Him makes you smile, think about how might you take that thought one step further… you might want to consider:

- Because I see God as (fill in the blank), what does that mean for my life?

- How does this viewpoint affect the way I live?

- How can I live life differently because of this truth?

Or, if the way you view Him is driving a wedge between you & God, you might want to consider how you might shift your perspective, asking yourself:

- What would it look like to see Him differently?

- How might a new view of Him change my life? How might it impact those around me?


Love connecting the Enneagram to your faith life?

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(Also- I would LOVE to learn more about you & your Enneagram type! I’m torn on mine- I think I’m either a 1 (perfectionist) or a 3 (achiever)!)

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