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Grace Space Christian Coaching: Next Steps!

So grateful that the Lord brought us together! I pray that our time together has blessed you in big ways that will impact the rest of your life and those around you. I've so enjoyed conquering challenges & celebrating successes with you!


As we wrap-up your coaching package, I would love for you to take a few moments to highlight what was most impactful about your coaching experience & touch on what might be helpful to tweak!


Would absolutely love to keep in touch and hear how you continue to grow & evolve. Know that I'm always here for you if you choose to pick back up with coaching as a support tool as you walk through different seasons of life. (And, am happy to offer you single coaching sessions if you'd like!)


Praising Him & celebrating you!

P.S. Remember that GSCC has an awesome referral program! You receive one free coaching session (an $150 value!) for each friend or family member you refer who purchases a coaching package : ) You both win!!

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