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© 2020 by Grace Space Christian Coaching •  Certified Professional Life Coach for Christian women • Virtual or in-person coaching •  Based in Charlotte, NC


Say Goodbye to Your 9-5 and Hello to the Rest of Your Life: 
A Practical, Faith Based Guide On How to Take the Leap  

Have you dreamed of leaving your 9-5? 

What did you always imagined you’d be doing with your life? 


Do you have a side hustle that you would love to turn into your full time job? 


Do you get tired of your commute, repetitive challenges at work,

and find yourself daydreaming of what it’d be like to do something different? 

Would you love to see God’s hand in your journey towards living out your calling? ​

If you said yes to any of these (and are wondering if I’m some sort of mind reader, haha!), I have something AMAZING for you! 


I recently left my 9-5, said yes to my God-sized dream, and took the leap to pursue it full-time. And, I’m here to say that you can definitely make it happen, too! 


In this eBook, I spill the details on what I did right as well as the mistakes I made (and what to do so that you can avoid them!) It includes what you’ll need to know to say yes to your next chapter! 

The book includes articles + one bonus that you don’t want to miss!

  • What I Learned from the First Year of My Side Hustle 

  • What I Didn’t Expect from My Side Hustle 

  • Best Boss in the Whole World 

  • The God Winks on My Journey from Corporate to Coach 

  • 10 Things to Do Before You Leave Your 9-5 

  • Bonus: Bye to the Big ‘But’ 


I know how hard it is to go through the daily grind knowing you were meant for more and, even more importantly, have a greater God-assignment waiting for you that promises great kingdom impact. He created you to play big and bravely say yes. 


If you're:

- Ready to feel a sense of fulfillment that is beyond your wildest imagination

- Want to see God’s power at work in your life

- Would you love to experience a taste of heaven here on Earth.....


Grab your eBook now!


For a limited time, you can get your eBook at a very special rate- $9.99!

(Rates will raise after!)


SO excited for you to experience this <3


It is going to be good