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What's the Meaning Behind 'Grace Space'?

On a recent clarity call, a client asked this question…

“What does ‘grace space’ actually mean?”

It of course sparked a lightbulb moment - I don’t think this is a question that’s ever been answered on the blog!

So, let’s get to it!

Essentially, the GS (or ‘grace space’) in GSCC has a two part meaning.

First, it’s a nod to the grace space that the Holy Spirit provides.

It’s a reminder of the importance of creating room for the Holy Spirit to speak. To quiet our voices and lean in to hear His instead.

The other side of it is that Grace Space Christian Coaching provides an inspirational and judgement free space for women to grow.

A space where you can transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed. We all have ‘messy’ pieces of our life and GSCC provides a judgment free zone to lay it all out on the table, make sense of it all, and take action.

Through GSCC, I'm honored to support Christian women (just like you!) in courageously pursuing their most intentional & Christ-centered lives, while more fully loving God, themselves, & others.​​

Our partnership enables you to boldly follow the Great Command (love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind) and the Great Commission (make disciples).


Good stuff, right?!

If you are ready to learn more and welcome this way of being into your life, you can reserve time for us to meet through a complimentary clarity call so that you can see if coaching & GSCC are a fit for meeting your goals!

Cheering you on in your journey to live your most God-honoring, intentional life possible!

Joyfully in Christ,


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