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New Year, New GSCC!

Friend- I have got a FUN update for you!!

GSCC is ready for the new year (& decade!), in a BIG way!

With 2020 upon us, we decided to do something so crazy exciting... y'all GSCC is growing BIG time and we officially have a new look to match!!

Our branding and website have gone through a massive refresh and I'm so excited to finally share it with you today!

Our heart to serve purpose driven Christian women is still the same, but our look is oh so different.

And of course in the midst of all this change, God was so good to share a couple big takeaways that I knew I had to share with you!

If you're in the midst of a change (or are craving a season of newness!),

you're going to want to get the scoop on what God revealed during this transformation.

I have a feeling these takeaways are going to inspire YOU to do something big too, sister.

Ready to hear more?!

Okay, so backing it up a bit, you may be wondering... why change things up now?

Grace Space Christian Coaching has been in business a couple years and it's becoming more and more clear how to run this business/ministry well. Last year around this time my husband was encouraging me to start the outsourcing process and it totally blows me away with how it's unfolded.

Before we get into the takeaways and God moments along the way (the sweet stuff!), here are a couple highlights to call out:

The look- the more and more women I've served through GSCC, the more clear I am on how to serve you well. My heart is for GSCC's visuals is to reflect what it is that's in your heart & mind! I'm hopeful that as you review our refreshed site, you feel connected, seen, confident and focused. That you're prompted to be more intentional & courageous, and feel inspired to experience clarity & freedom. (Sounds good, right?!)

The palm logo- It's is actually a date palm! You see these all around Israel. (Is it news to anyone else that dates actually grow on palm trees?!) A palm is meant to exemplify uprightness, fruitfulness, beauty, elasticity, and triumph (read all about it here!). Perfect, right? I love the biblical significance, how it aligns with what you're craving when you seek out GSCC, plus, you may or may not know... but I was raised in Naples, Florida.. so it's also a bit of a nod to my roots. I truly believe that there is so much value in honoring and celebrating all the pieces of God's story for you.

The people- I partnered with some AMAZING women to make this refresh a reality.. (It was quite the undertaking and definitely not for the faint of heart, ha!) Will share a bit more about my rebrand dream team in a sec!

Having good people on your side is a GAME CHANGER, y'all. My business is the closest thing I have to a baby (for now at least! :), and in all honestly, it can be hard to let go and hand over control to someone else. (If you're also a doer or perfectionist, you can probably totally relate ; )

This process was all about letting others in so that I (& GSCC!) could grow.

Through it, I downloaded two precious takeaways from the Lord that I pray will bless you too in whatever season you're walking through.

Here goes:

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Consider what comes naturally for you - what's easy? And most importantly, what brings you (& others) joy when you do it? Focus on doing that thing and letting go of the rest!!

So what is that thing for you?

Where are you feeling stuck?

What is it time to say no to?

I'd invite you to challenge yourself to consider what you can outsource this year. Is it grocery pickup? Is it hiring someone to deep clean your house each month? Or if you're a business owner like me, maybe it's bringing someone on board to help you tackle #allofthethings. Dream BIG! Brainstorm 3-5 ideas of what you're going to delegate, then prioritize your that list. (Think- what'd give you back the most time? What'd make the biggest impact? What would give you more mental space & capacity, if you let it go?)

Inviting others into your big thing will energize you more than you ever thought possible.

What is your big dream, friend? Who knows about it? Who is walking arm in arm with you on it? This is SO important!!!

I remember being on a video call with two of my people, collaborating on the rebrand, and had a pinch me moment. I had amazing women working with ME to make GSCC even better. It is so special and encouraging when others come alongisde you to breathe life into what God has laid on your heart!

Want to know who was on my dream team?!

Girlfriend is TALENTED! (Clearly!) She and I met over dinner at Creative at Heart in June & I'm so glad we did! She has gone above & beyond to make my vision a reality. (Heather created the new logo and the website design, too!) She provided some amazing options to work with while also being open to my perspective (and opinions, ha!). She was patient, kind, professional, and fun too. Absolutely someone you want on your team! Definitely plan to continue working with her in so many more capacities. She is phenomenal.

She's the genius behind the design of Ember! As soon as I saw their content, I knew I needed her on my team one day, too. And when the time was right, I hired her to help! Elizabeth consulted with Heather & me as we finalized our logo branding/design and helped to breathe life into the video you'll see on our homepage (and if you love behind the scenes details... it was actually shot in Elizabeth's home! Gorgeous, right?). She's supportive, grace filled, and matter of fact all rolled into one. Definitely recommend.

Dominique and I were introduced through a mutual connection, which I'm crazy thankful for. Honestly, when she & I spoke, I didn't have much of a motivation to bring someone onboard (she was one of my very first investments, earlier in 2019!). But Dominique was good. She's so talented & down to earth, too. I couldn't say no! She listened to all my concerns, challenges, and dreams for this brand and was a pivotal part in helping me to better share with you all. Total win!

Was crazy blessed to be surrounded by this group of women.

Friend, would you LOVE to have someone on your team, too?

Someone to link arms with you and strategize your best path forward?

Someone to get you unstuck and focused like never before?

Christian coaching is such a powerful tool, sister. You & I can work together to break through those areas that you need a fresh start in and you'll live more boldly and alive than ever before. You'll have a professional certified Christian coach to walk you through a proven process, encourage you, & cheer you on along the way.

At GSCC, my passion is to create a “grace space” for women to experience clarity, growth, and freedom in Christ, all while feeling empowered & equipped for what lies ahead.

If that sounds like something you need in your life, I'd invite you to reserve your complimentary clarity call as a first step! We'll talk through your biggest challenges, goals, and determine whether GSCC is your best fit for what's next. Seriously would love to meet you.


And, that's a wrap (or really, the start to this next chapter)!

Friend- do you love Grace Space Christian Coaching's new logo and rebrand as much as I do?!

Would love to talk soon + hear what you think of GSCC's new look :)

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