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The Surprising Way to Make Progress on Your Goals (It’s Not What You Think)

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Thinking about this time of year, believe it or not, we are closer to New Year's Eve than we are to this past Memorial Day weekend! (Does anyone else’s brain work this way, too?!! haha)

Maybe you're excited or maybe you're freaking out just a little bit wondering where the year has gone ; )

If you want some of the very best tips on how to live your most intentional, God-centered life over these next three months... I've got you covered.

Here's the surprising way to make progress on your goals....

(And no, it's not about planning or goal setting (although you better believe I love that stuff (and know you do, too!))

Before you plan ahead, it's so important to first reflect back.

So thinking of that, consider this:

What three things have you done this year that haven't worked?

Considering what you need to let go of and stop doing is JUST as important as what you are doing.

(And yes, this is your permission to lay some things down!)

I once heard the idea that when we are too busy, we are holding on to more than God intended for us to carry.

>> What is it that you need to lay down, sister? <<

I’ll go first if it might help to get your wheels turning : )

Here’s what I’m saying no to and a few tips on how to do it:

1) Overscheduling my days

I am a DOER. I like to pack a lot into my day. It feels good checking things off “the list”. (Am I right?!)

But… what happens when we put TOO much on the list? Even if you have tackled a ton, it can still leave you feeling so defeated at the end of the day.

Tip: Be mindful to schedule a bit LESS into your day! Consider creating a by-the-hour schedule for one week to really get a grasp of where your time is going and to be more realistic with how you’re using it.

Bonus tip: Each evening, celebrate what you did do & what you loved about your day in a gratitude journal! :)

2) Not stewarding time my in the best way possible

Any other people pleasers out there? Running a business (and a household!) means a LOT of people are vying for your attention. It means numerous meetings on the calendar throughout your week and days.

Now don’t get me wrong… there’s so much I love about that. Meeting new people and seeing those I love is energizing and life giving. But you see, over time, I became distracted from starting/stopping far too often in the day. I came to recognize that I could group these gatherings in a way that was much more effective.

Tip: So how can this be fixed if you’re struggling with something similar? Time block! Carve out chunks of time where you can work on one topic at a time, uninterrupted. (Here’s on a post from Jenna Kutcher on how to structure your day!) For me, this looks like using Mondays and Fridays as back office days…. time to research, connect, create content and more. (Plus, who doesn’t love those days where you can be comfy in gym clothes and makeup free?!)

Bonus tip: Block time for taking breaks and running errands, too. Time blocking doesn’t just have to be for work related tasks!

3) Thinking that I can do it all

Are you believing that lie too, sister? At the Creative at Heart conference, photographer Katelyn James spoke about the myths we tell ourselves and that was definitely one that rang true for me.

Tips that have helped:

  • Create a B-list to-do list! It's for all those items that need to get done, but maybe not right now. I promise you- it’s amazingly freeing to separate out what’s high priority and what’s not.

  • Outsource- time is money!! For example, we’ve hired someone to clean our home (we have someone come once a month and limit our going out to eat to make this happen! Time on the weekends is valuable and we’d rather spend those extra hours with one another.)

  • Jesus. You are not supposed to do it all. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s a good chance you’re taking on more than you’re supposed to or maybe not focused on the right things. OR, you may be trying to operate out of my own strength and not His. (I have been guilty of this!) Things to think about (that are continually on my mind, too ; )

Praying that these tips are a blessing & that you have at least one new takeaway after reading this post!!

Let me know what hasn’t worked well for you this year (there will be SO much freedom in calling it out!)!

Would love to hold you accountable to letting go of that thing and cover you in prayer & encouragement, too.

Excited for you to create some breathing room in your life, sister.

Cannot wait to see how God moves in this extra space you give Him : )

With joy-


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