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Movement Day Charlotte

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Last month, my husband and I were invited to attend a pretty special event in Charlotte - Movement Day.

Movement Day is all about challenging, inspiring, and catalyzing the advancement of the gospel movement. The event is also connected to FORCLT (another org you will most definitely want to check out!).

Simply put, it was pretty powerful to gather with so many in our city who are passionate about making change (praise God!).

So who was there?

Attendees were split about evenly through three groups- pastors, nonprofits, and those in the marketplace.

Even with that alone, it was really special to attend an event with representation across all three areas.

It is so important for us to work together and maximize the power of partnership. Something that really stood out from the event was an example that illustrated this importance of unity. For instance, one example they shared was that not too long ago, there were three distinct organizations working to translate the Bible. Someone had the awareness to recognize (praise God!) that that probably wasn’t the best way to go about this challenge. On the pace they were at, the Bible was estimated to be translated in all language by 2150. Good, but not necessarily great considering the day & age that we are living in, right?

However, when the organizations rallied together and considered joining forces, something amazing happened. Something transformative. They recognized that if they were to work in partnership alongside one another, they would translate the Bible by 2033. That’s a difference of ONE HUNDRED & SEVENTEEN years. We may see the Bible be translated in all language in our lifetime now, friends! How extraordinary is that?!

And as an offshoot to that… Munro Richardson also shared something that hit hard… he said that “social problems are problems of connection.” But even more so than that, he offered that connection is also the solution to these challenges. He encouraged us to weep with and rejoice with our neighbors unlike ever before. Wow. It was such a powerful add on to my mission trip … one of the takeaways that really stood out to me was that we are truly brothers & sisters in Christ, and feeling convicted to act more that way. To offer more of my time and finances to those around me. (Who are you feeling compelled to love well?!)

Another highlight was something that Casey Crawford of Movement Mortgage shared. He explained that Pastor David Chadwick had challenged him with this question, “Can you attach an eternal purpose to the work you are doing?” Yeah. It got Casey to thinking whether his work was a 'so what' or a 'so that'. Take a minute to wrestle with that same question yourself. And if you’re not happy with the answer, what’s one small first step that you can do to change things?

Next, (I believe this was also Casey who shared on this!) he challenged us to consider whether our primary loyalty to the kingdom or to something else (whether it be an organization, person, idol). What do you want to humbly consider calling out, sweet sister? I know for me, if I’m not careful, it can actually be my business. Yes, I’m serving other women and growing closer to God in the process, but my relationship with Him, hearing Him with no expectations or reason other than to nurture our relationship and worship Him, is of paramount importance.

We also heard Lucas Ramirez (he’s a nonprofit leader, author, and speaker) speak. He offered a few powerful takeaways that are also worth sharing. First, he pointed out a pretty profound (yet equally simple) definition of success… it’s nothing more than obedience to God (yessss!). Makes me consider where I am (and am maybe not) being as obedient to God as I can be. Another one of Lucas’s big takeaways had to do with millennials (but I also think it can equally apply to everyone). He emphasized how important it is for them to get clear on what's truth & what are lies. I know that for me, this was an especially pivotal point in my journey. I had to change my thinking so that I held my identity in Him most central.

Then, maybe one of the most special moments of the day was when Alex Kennedy of Carmel Baptist Church led us in prayer. We all bowed our heads in reverence at the same moment, whispering prayers for our city. And the feeling in the room was unreal. The anticipation and energy was unbelievable. It honestly felt a bit like waking up on Christmas morning. That is a moment that I want to remember, hold onto, and get curious about how to make room for more of that.

Friends, God has unbelievable plans for you. And here’s the thing… when you get curious enough to hear what He has to say, and brave enough to follow-through… you may impact generations to come.

I’d love to encourage you. Encourage you to get involved. Start though first in silence. Get on your knees and pray. Journal. See what God lays on your heart about how to serve your community. It just might change you in the most amazing way.


Want to talk more? Schedule your clarity call and we will create a plan for what it could look like for you to step boldly into service for your community!

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