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Ever wonder what makes GSCC so different?

(And best of all… life changing?)

I am so glad you asked. Let me tell you more about what sets GSCC apart. 


Introducing… the GSCC Method.


If you’re ready to say no to being scattered and say yes to being a focused & purposeful woman, rooted in her identity in Christ, with a path for the season ahead … let’s talk!

Through working with GSCC, you can expect your life to be more prioritized and intentional than ever before


You don’t want to miss out!

Here's why a partnership with GSCC is unmatched



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The GSCC method includes three primary elements:

  • Connect with Core Beliefs

  • Prioritize Objectives

  • Recognize Results

Each element is backed by research and proven to produce significant results. 


And perhaps the best part of all is that they’re all connected through grace space. Coaching with GSCC is Christ-centered. We create room for you and the Holy Spirit to connect and follow His lead.


Sound good? Let’s dig in!

Connect with Core Beliefs


    • Research shows that ultimately, results stem from our beliefs. Because of this, we drive to the core of what’s directing your thoughts and behavior... your beliefs.


    • We dig into your identity in Christ, get curious about lies that may be disrupting that, and equip you to break through limiting beliefs. He is a way maker and a chain breaker and you will experience this reality in BIG ways throughout our time together.

    • Related, we honor what He fearfully and wonderfully made… you! As we work through different topics, we’ll dig into your God-given strengths, values, and mission, and how they will support you as you work towards your goals.

    • You'll be empowered to live boldly, because the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is living inside of you! (Romans 8:11)

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    • ​When you share your heart aloud, things literally begin to sound different. Coaching with GSCC places YOU at the center of the experience (while being led by Him, of course) so that we can clearly understand what is and is not producing fruit in your life.


    • You have a sense of purpose and joy each day, no matter what’s coming at you.

    • You feel rooted in your identity in Christ & how God has uniquely made you as His daughter. Everyday rhythms & big life decisions are impacted as you live into this identity.

    • You’ll identify the lies that have been holding you back and replace them with truth that sets you free.

    • You are able to navigate transitions with deeper faith, a better understanding of yourself, and a sense of groundedness. You have the momentum to confidently move forward no matter the circumstance.


"Coaching with Alexandra has been one of the best gifts I have given myself. Through Alexandra's thought-provoking-spirit-led questions, I was able to dig deeper in my relationship with Christ and recognize and love the woman God created me to be. It is a gift that helped reshape my mind and therefore my relationships with God and with others. Before coaching I was feeling lost and struggled with my identity of who God created me to be. I was believing lies from the enemy and felt like I had nothing to offer. Through coaching I was able to identify those lies and learn about God's truths and promises over my life and the relationships He's given me. I am now able to proclaim that I know WHO I am and WHOSE I am through Christ."

- Ruth S.

Prioritize Objectives


    • We honor key takeaways from the book Essentialism, and align your coaching approach with the notion that you can achieve more by doing less


    • GSCC’s process has been carefully curated and adjusted over multiple years and hundreds of coaching sessions. As part of this process, you’ll complete an intake strategy assessment and goal setting worksheet to provide clarity on where to spend our time.

    • We’ll focus on one key topic per session. We will dive deep as we explore the topic from all angles which will bring you results like never before.

    • As a bonus, 30 minutes are added to the beginning, mid point, and final sessions in your coaching package, making them 90 minutes in length. We’ll check in during these sessions to confirm that we’re on track to meet your established goals.


    • You'll have clarity on where to focus so you don’t feel torn in a million directions.

    • You’ll create beauty, order, and joy from chaos.

    • You gain clarity on your purpose & calling.

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"Before coaching, I felt like the pace of my life and my schedule was continuing to win over the areas of my life I either knew could be better or desired to make more successful from the ground up. Coaching interrupted my fast paced life and schedule and created a life-giving space for me to express thoughts and have conversations, at my own rhythm, where I then left feeling like I could do the things I didn't have time for. Alexandra is an amazing listener, leader, equipper, and friend. I would recommend coaching to anyone!"

- Shae T.

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Recognize Results


    • We grow best outside of our comfort zones! Through your coaching with GSCC, we’ll aim to keep you in a space of stretch (but will be mindful not to spill over into overwhelm!) to produce the best results.


    • Your intake strategy assessment, goal setting worksheet, and 360 survey are carefully selected tools that will track your progress and growth throughout your coaching package.

    • The pre + post form worksheets that you’ll complete before & after each session will enable you to dig even deeper before and after coaching sessions to explore and will provide the extra boost or motivation you may need to elicit change.

    • We’ll review your biggest achievements and insights in your midpoint and final sessions and celebrate what the Lord is doing in your life. The goal is to see the fruit of the spirit come alive in your life (and hopefully, even in your interactions with others!).


    • You’ll thrive in times of change & transition, tackling everyday challenges with energy & perspective.

    • You’ll create courageous goals and step out in action, making them a reality little by little.

    • Your new peace and joy will not only transform you - it will flow out to your most important relationships.


"Coaching with Alexandra has motivated me to live a life that aligns with my personal values. At this point, I am proud to say that I am the family member, friend, employee, and entrepreneur that I wanted to be. I am finally living the way that I always knew that I could- completely and fully! I have found productivity in a way that I never thought possible before and the blessings of living this God focused life over the past few months has been abundant and numerous, including everything, from losing three clothing sizes and training for road races, to being selected to participate in a workplace leadership development program, to ending toxic relationships. In feedback from family and friends since I started coaching with Alexandra, they say I am more engaged, more present, display more confidence, and have increased strengths in leadership and communication. I have had a number of opportunities arise in my existing career over the past few months: a book accepted for publication, broadening my social circle and social influence, and now my side hustles are a reality." - Megan S.

And best of all? Our entire method is sealed with grace space. Want to know exactly what that means? Part of our heart is to provide breathing room for you and the Holy Spirit to connect.

Additionally, GSCC is a judgment free zone. We create the space for you to lay out all your stressors and then work together, with God, to create a plan to do something with it all!

Plus, we love a good set of goals as much as anyone, but also firmly believe in open hands to be flexible to go where He leads, or pivot if needed.

"Y’all she is amazing! She radiates the Holy Spirit and the peace of Jesus. In talking with her for only seconds you find yourself digging to the deeper places and uncovering passions and dreams you may have not even known you had. She truly has such a gift and I couldn’t recommend her more!"

- Emily T.

"Before I started my coaching journey with GSCC, my life felt completely out of control and I was drowning in chaos. Alexandra helped me restructure my priorities and held me accountable to the changes we decided would be best. I started putting God before my to do lists and my life started changing. I made time with my Creator a priority and all other things honestly kind of fell in line. I started taking small steps towards my future and am still moving forward! I will be forever grateful for your gift, Alexandra!"

- Steph R.

"Sometimes we need someone else to believe in us before we believe in ourselves."

- Liz Patton


Part of why coaching is so special is that it empowers you to go deeper and experience even bigger results than you might on your own. 


If you’re considering Christian coaching, here’s what GSCC clients are saying:

“Coaching has truly changed my life."

- Christina M.


Wherever you are in your life, I promise that you won't regret having her guidance and coaching."

- Amy L.


“Through coaching, I realized that I let the world and fear dictate many of my choices instead of seeking the Lord’s will for my habits and use of time, energy, and resources.”

- Brooke H.


“Alexandra was able to help me jump over my own self-imposed stumbling blocks.”

- Norma Joyce D.


My life has transformed since we first started meeting.”

- Sarah C.

And last but certainly not least, you’ll carry these results and ways of thinking

with you for years to come.  The coaching doesn’t end after your sessions do.

You’ll continue to draw upon your coaching, new perspectives, and ways of thinking

which will serve you (and those around you!) for decades to come. 


Can’t wait to get started together soon.


(Any questions? Send me an email or apply for your complimentary clarity call if you’ve not yet already!)


Cheering you on big time!

Joyfully in Christ,



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