From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed:
A Monthly Faith Based Workbook

Ready for a fresh start


Are you tired of planning for change but not seeing it come to fruition?

Would you love to take a leap of faith to make this year different? ​

If you're looking for a practical resource that will equip you to live out your most God-centered life, this is it.

Christian life coach for women

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed Workbook


In 2018, I left my 9-5, said yes to my God-sized dream, and took the leap to pursue my side-hustle full-time. And, although I couldn't be more grateful for what it's like to live on the flip side of those decisions, the most valuable piece of it all is a changed relationship with Christ. 


In our From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed Workbook, I share the top topics I'll coach clients on. It includes what you’ll need to know to say yes to your best year yet. 

This eWorkbook is like having your own personal coach that you can access at anytime.

This workbook includes twelve topics worth of content that you can work through over the year! Here are a few:

  • Identity in Christ

  • Clarity, Focus & Prioritization 

  • No Regrets

  • Honoring Your Purpose

  • Consistency


"This guide is one I WISH I had when I was taking my side-hustle full-time!! Alexandra holds nothing back and shares practical yet impactful information on making your side-hustle dreams a reality! If you're looking for support & encouragement to leave your 9-5, this e-guide is for you!!!"

- Kat Schmoyer, Founder of Creative at Heart

I know how hard it is to go through the daily grind knowing you were meant for more and, even more importantly, have a greater God-assignment waiting for you that promises great kingdom impact. He created you to play big and bravely say yes. 


If you're:

- Ready to experience a sense of fulfillment that is beyond your wildest imagination

- Want to live life with God at the center of it all

- Would you love to actually do what you've always dreamed about


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Question: I just started my side hustle. Would this book still apply to me or is it more for people who are close to taking their side hustles full time?

Answer: Great question! It was written a year or two into my business and includes so many of the highlights that were game changers early on, plus thoughts & tips on ways to do things differently that would have been beneficial to know.


So although I took the leap to full time relatively quickly (and this resource will empower you to do that!), it is absolutely helpful during those early stages, too!

The eBook highlights good habits, rhythms, etc. to set you up for success. 

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I'll send an invoice your way and once it's paid,

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